Life in Two


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I’m making efforts…really, like…big efforts to remember the advantages of living together with a guy, as a couple… I look at my life just the way it is today and all I know is that for at least 3 years I’ve led a carefree living only with my daughter. Selfish, I know… but I enjoy it with every cell of my heart and body because it took a lot of work to get here and it feels so God damn good!

Did I fall in love since I started to be single again? Of course, I did… crazy, deeply, madly in love… I lived with passion love stories that healed the worst and brought the best out of me. It was amazing! I had deep, profound, incredible soul connections with the opposite gender. I might say that I’ll definitely have what to tell my grandchildren when I will be an oldie. But to be honest, I never really imagined myself again living in two. I just…couldn’t. Nobody inspired me at that kind of level.

Imagine a student and the life he or she has… without the going to parties or clubs part which I never really liked it, I’m having the best time of my life! I’m 35 years old and I never felt younger or more aware of my mind, body and soul like I am today. Life is easier and even stumble stones appear in the way from time to time, I know how to handle them, because I can recognize the signs Universe is giving me to reach the next chapter. And here is what made me think about it. The SIGNS.

You see… whenever you are ready for the next life chapter, the Universe knows better and pushes you further by closing all the known doors for you, but opening in the same time another one, completely unknown to you. I didn’t invent this now, for sure, but I am one of those persons who’s very good in recognizing the signs and usually now I don’t panic too much when that happens. Even if it’s hard to get out of my comfort zone, the grey time between the old and the new phase takes as long as I fight against the change. Cause this is all about. CHANGE. If I don’t fight too much, then the new comfort zone sets itself faster and easier in my new life chapter.

Everything changes. For some reason, nothing stays the same and looking now behind I am grateful to this Universe for giving me the opportunity, but also the strength to go through the different life changes I went until now. I’ve been rewarded so much for my patience and faith I had in it!

New shapes, new shadows, new energy waves… new colors. Life doesn’t stop to surprise me! Here I was saying to myself “I want that and that…” and boom…the next second I knew, I got them all. The trick? I was finally ready to handle everything I’ve ever wanted.

So…even if I am a little bit scared of the new vibe I feel today, even if I still don’t find any reason at all to change anything in my life now, well… I guess, the Universe really knows it better 😊


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Achilles heel


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It might be a surprise for many who openly or secretly wondered what is it that really touches me when I meet a man… that je ne sais quoi that makes me go to the next level, after I just met him. That thing that makes me wanna start the hunting and the seduction game with that guy. For some reason, many will be tempted to say that I have very high standards and that I am very picky. It’s true, but I don’t have standards higher than the ones I’ve reached. And if I bite more than I can chew, I will definitely spit it out. It happens though that I like to invest very much in my own self development and it is indeed not easy to keep it up with me.

But what is my Achilles heel? What is it that thing that makes me feel weak and strong in the same time? Who is that man who could blow my mind and my body in a matter of seconds without him even knowing it?

It’s very easy. As mentioned before, I am extremely visual. I am a burning fire and I am looking for the package that I desire and then I give time to see if under the package is what I want and need. If not, it depends… sometimes, if really attracted, I enjoy the package and that’s it, sometimes I give time and go further to see what’s inside too. But my Achilles heel are definitely handsome, tall, with a kind look, smart, funny guys, with very nice smile, hands, legs and ass…

My lioness spirit gets wild in a matter of seconds if I see this kind of guy and if it happens to be single in the moment I see him. I don’t have this kind of urges when I am in a relationship though, not only thanks to a loyalty reason, but more like because if I already found what I needed and it works, I am not interested in something else. I don’t see something else. I am not hungry anymore. If it doesn’t work though, the guy should either put his charms in function, either step aside… I never said I am an easy woman to handle.

But if I am hungry and if I got to look into his eyes and felt his smell, he should not expect anything else than to become my prey while he will be convinced that he was the one who hunted me. I enjoy the time I spent with these kind of men and feel grateful to the Universe that once again I found what I wanted and needed for a specific phase which I am in my life.

After all, life is made from chapters, from phases… someone very dear to me called them BETWEEN phases… I struggled long time to understand what he wanted to mean by that… now I know: sometimes it happens to take longer, sometimes is for a lifetime, but no matter how long or short this phase is, I definitely enjoy it every time, every single moment from it.

Because life is a journey and all we have to do to keep ourselves happy is to: live, laugh, love! And I don’t know about others, but it definitely works like magic for me.

Loveheimer 🙂

Achilles heel



Too good to deny it…


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It felt like being hunted by a man and yet there was about something else too… like something I would recognize…something that I also have in me when I hunt. The seductive look, the naughty smile, the fidgeting moment, the soft female wildness, but all these imagined in a very boyish body and style.

It was the most awkward and yet, the most interesting moment I had ever lived. For a moment I looked around me, because I thought that maybe…just MAYBE…it is not about me…I could be very self-centered sometimes and think that everything is about me when I am walking into a room. Well… most of the cases it is (lol :))), but THAT LOOK made me check twice.

I felt like suddenly I’ve been transposed in a different space where the other persons just disappeared and I couldn’t make any move than wait to see what happens next. Like being numb for a few seconds, not being able to rationally think a way out, that surprised I was.

It is not a secret that we all have a female and a male side in us. Yin and Yang. I’m pretty sure everybody heard about that at least once in their life.

That moment felt like my very female side was being hunted by her very strong and yet so sensual male side.  It felt so wrong, so not for me and yet so… flattering that it made me smile. Her grateful, happy look to see me again in that fresh, summer morning, her getting nervous like a child around me, feeling the need to say whatever came into her head to say, just to make some conversation with me and keep a little bit longer the eye connection she was trying to have with me, really made me smile.

It was like I was too good to be true and she couldn’t deny it, she couldn’t help herself in showing her lust for my body, even if the place and time were completely inappropriate. But she just couldn’t take her eyes off me and felt the need to letting me know that she was into me and that she wanted me.

We spoke through our looks and while hers said all of the above, mine said smiling something like “Extremely flattered, but I am not a lesbian and not even bisexual even if, I must admit you made me nervous for a few seconds… If I had been, I wouldn’t have lost the chance to kiss you… you are damn attractive!” And then I left.

I see her from time to time and we smile to each other, like I am her secret passion or something, but what I like about them, the lesbians is that, they understand the message right away and back off, looking for the next one to charm, one who would reciprocate their feelings…

I guess… thinking now about it, I could say that it was the most unusual present I could get for my almost 35 years old birthday: the confirmation of being attractive for both genders… and that’s definitely an experience I will not forget too soon. 🙂

Life is definitely a journey and on its way, I got to see, feel and meet until now extraordinary people… and for that, I am grateful! Life is beautiful! 😍



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I like very much to observe the differences between men and women… I’m fascinated actually… I’ve read about them a lot and each time I have the opportunity to hear or see something new in this area, I’m all eyes and ears…

Things being told, I must say that even if a female from gender point of view, I would not define myself as a typical woman. And the first thing that comes into my head when I say that is that I like hunting very much. No… not the real one… but the male hunting…

I don’t know how it works for other women, but I love hunting attractive men and when I am walking into a room I know exactly IF and with WHOM I will spend a crazy night together from the first…let’s say… 20 seconds. Eyes, mouth, high, hair, walk, hands, ass and most importantly their feet…  20 seconds of scanning the entire room and I already know. Then comes the game… the seduction game which is another phase that I really enjoy in this hunting process, but the walking into a room phase I actually love it!

If there is anything I am grateful to the Universe for is having inside of me this wild, pure, sexual instinct for the opposite gender and actually being able to enjoy it each time I meet a man who fits my criteria of desire. The amazing feeling of lust and passion! Hunger for his body. Thirst for his mouth. Giant need to have him inside of me like…right in that very moment I put my eyes on him. Feeling of getting dizzy only by thinking about this moment.

The next thing for which I am grateful to this great Universe? Giving me in the end, after a certain time of waiting and being patient, always EXACTLY what I wanted and asked for… in the form that I wanted, in the shape that I needed. Not refusing me the experiences that I was so curious to have them.

I didn’t use to realize that few years ago or maybe I did but only after a deep analyse, struggle and thinking, but now, from the first seconds when I see a man that I like very much, I can recognize that I have been one more time rewarded with everything that I ever liked and wanted. And usually that makes me smile in a… different way than the one I usually smile. Or so I was being told…

Falling in love? It’s even easier… it’s about “a momentum, a feeling, a click”… but if before, when I was younger, the mental bounding was very important to me in order to relax, open and fall in love with a man since the visual scanning didn’t work so well, now usually it happens after a “damn good sex”.

Hard part generally speaking? To see in that room EXACTLY what I need and want… time and place are very important… the rest would be …history.

The great part now?

Having been lucky enough to have entered into his “room”…

Loveheimer  😊

…if falling in love had been a disease…


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“If falling in love had been a disease, I would have called it LOVEHEIMER. Same name I’d use for falling out of love. Because both seem to blow your mind. The side effects depend on which stage you are in: at the beginning, when you are happy and so in love that your partner’s small weaknesses or mistakes don’t bother you, this disease has no serious side effects besides the feeling of being high for a while. It could have such a force that you could forget and ignore any message your mind is giving to you. Now… I am not a man, but I think the first affected persons of this disease would be the women. Because they are more emotional than men. Men are more rational at the beginning.”

The Land of MY NAKED Soul by Loveheimer- LOOK INSIDE