Eat, sleep… play!


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To be an ADULT… one of the few things which still intrigue me at this age…

To be honest, I was never curious to find out, but somehow I always wondered what the hell that means… during the last few years I decided to dig deeper for the answer and I think I finally figured it out. I think I had an epiphany these days or something 🙂

So… as it seems, an adult makes and plans money. If he is smart and hard working enough. If not, he is an “irresponsible adult”, a loser or just… a “nobody”. Whatever… let’s stick to the “positive” scenario.

That’s one thing. Then, an adult is that one stupid enough to think he can deal with another human being when he can barely deal with himself. He can’t! He just has a gigantic advantage of being with a lot of years ahead that child and then is a matter of time, not necessarily of wisdom. That is what I call cheating. But even so, I bet that kid gives him breathless life lessons from time to time. Chess!

An adult doesn’t say what the hell he feels. He THINKS a lot though and he says what he thinks most of the cases, but not what he FEELS. There are some modern- adults too… those who learned how to say “I feel now that you… x and y…” but you can still feel it is kind of fake when they do that.

Kids are doing it very well though. They cry when they are sad, they yell when they are angry, they laugh when they are happy. Best way to really mean what you say when you speak about your feelings is to be CHILDISH. There is no other way, if you ask me. Anything but that is just a psychological bubble bullshit which bores me to death. It makes me yawn too… literally… I swear 😊

An adult barely does what he really wants and with the age he forgets to satisfy his basic needs. He spends time, brain and sometimes money to read bullshits about how to be successful and happy when there is a very simple answer that any CHILD could give it to him if he was WISE enough to listen to him.

An adult is that one who denies love. Big time! He talks about it in a very nice way, but fakes it better than an orgasm.  I did that in my not so often adult moments too. Big mistake! Actually I am still doing it right now. Damn! I think I got the adult disease too… more I think about it, more I’m afraid I got it!

Afraid! An adult is afraid. Of everything! Not having enough money, the right job, the ideal husband or wife, divorce, light, dark… EVERYTHING! Including LOVE!

How do I feel when I have ADULT moments? The feeling is exactly like when catching a bad cold. Everything seems to be in pain. Mind, body, soul. But, as a very dear person used to say once to me, when that happens, I just leave my “head down” for a couple of …  days, weeks, years… have no idea… until the “cold” passes… I noticed though that somehow, with the age it seems I don’t heal so fast as I used to.

But then I look at my daughter. Great kid. Feeling lucky to be her mother. She is the one who remembers me that being an adult is such a bullshit most of the times… she shows me everyday that happiness is inside of us, it never leaves us and it never will…  she is the one who teaches me lessons everyday. Happiness lessons!

She is the one who shows me everyday that all we have to do to be happy is to just… EAT, SLEEP, PLAY!

If you ask me, at the end of the day, all the adults are anyway just some big boys and girls playing with money and nothing more!

Loveheimer 🙂





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I am often being asked if I didn’t find yet my MR RIGHT. I always answer: “I did… like 4 times by now… I loved each of them very much, I am telling you… looking forward to meet the next one”

They always raise their eyebrows and obviously surprised they ask me then the same annoying question: “What do you mean by that? There is only ONE MR RIGHT! Everybody knows that!”

Oh no, there is not only ONE MR RIGHT… not for me… not necessary. As mentioned in my previous posts, I think that life is split in chapters. Life chapters. Each partner that we strongly vibe with and we fell in love with, reflects a part of us. He/she is like a mirror of ourselves. Take a very good look at the beginning when you meet somebody, cause this is it! This is the actual YOU! If you like it or not, it’s up for you to decide. But this is YOU!

If you feel a strong, strange connection with that person, you could say that you just found a part of yourself and you are meant to live a new experience, a new life adventure. You are meant to learn new things about… and here is the trick…  about YOURSELF! You are tempted to say that you are getting to know the other person better, but in fact you are discovering yourself.

If you really pay attention to the other one, the qualities, but also the issues he/she has, you will definitely realize that that person is reflecting the emotional, physical and/or mental stages that you find yourself in.

And either you start to have a crush, get a connection due to the qualities of the potential partner, but you notice the issues and you reject the idea of being with that person, either you feel madly, deeply, truly in love with that person, even if you see the flaws, but you choose to go with the flow. Cause you can’t help yourself. Cause you want to discover what this is about. The connection is too strong. The vibe is too strong.

It is about finding yourself. It is about a journey you start with another human being, in the name of love.  It is about climbing in a train and interact for a long or short while with different other souls in order to connect with the inner of your soul.

Why some of us have only ONE MR or MRS RIGHT and they go along with that person the whole life and others have more than ONE MR or MRS RIGHT? Well… why don’t we stay in high school forever? At some point your vision upon life, your needs, your feelings will change. Your old flaws will be corrected, but then you discover some others… you have new challenges… that’s when you start writing new life chapters…

When your current partner reaches the same stage and/or wants to go in the same direction as you, you will have indeed one MR or MRS RIGHT the whole life to grow in love with. If not, another MR or MRS RIGHT will come along. The one who fits the current needs that you have. And you will love them even more than the one before for the simple fact that he/she satisfies your new needs.

Bigger, more extraordinary needs that make you keep on going… keep on becoming a better person… keep on shining… even brighter than before…

He/she reflects new sides of yourself and you just can’t help falling in love… AGAIN!

Loveheimer 🙂







Ready for the long run


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I think every woman heard about the idea that a man needs time and space when he is in a relationship in order to… and here come different reasons why… but whatever the reasons might be, I definitely understand where he is coming from.

I’ve reached an age when, to be honest I don’t even bother to ask myself WHY he needs the time and space. Good for him! If he does that, I finally have some time for myself too. Love the idea. For a relationship is really healthy to have this kind of positive “give me a break” times. I like to take this kind of breaks from all my family members too. Otherwise I start to get irritated and then nobody will be happy around me if that happens… of that I can assure you!

So, when it comes to a relationship with a man, as long as we both respect that need, it means that we are both ready for the long run. But God forgive me, I don’t understand this kind of move during the chasing phase. I definitely don’t understand it and I don’t even try to. I just… get bored. The reason is pretty simple. If we were in a jungle and you started to run trying to get the prey, you wouldn’t stop until you’d get it. If you do stop, then forget about it… it will be long gone.

I’m not sure if it has something to do with the sign under which I was born, but for me is definitely a turn off to see how a man starts chasing me and then suddenly he “takes his time”…

Dude… don’t stop running… it’s confusing and boring in the same time… you didn’t reach your objective yet… the seduction phase should be the one in which you show me what you’ve got. Keep on doing what you’re doing and we both might get lucky.

But then again, I’m a lioness, not a deer. I don’t like to jump around. If you’re smart, I’m sure you’ll figure out what that means… on the other side, if you play your cards well, I might be the one giving myself to you almost on a silver plate and then the sun will shine on the sky of your soul faster than you might think so.

But don’t start whining about how life is hard and things are not so easy to deal with, cause I’ll start yawning and next thing you’d know is that I’d be long gone. Don’t ruin the game! You could change the rules, but don’t stop playing and definitely don’t get too serious! Not in this phase.

Who cares about things like life and death when I am so “hungry” for you? Who pays attention to stuff like if today is full moon or not? I’m not a wolf… I don’t get too impressed by the moon. I hunt extremely well during the day too. During the night I usually like to taste what I’ve just hunted. Who gives a damn if outside it rains cats and dogs, if all I need is to feel the fire inside of you?

I don’t… so… why do you?

Loveheimer 🙂

lioness smiling






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It’s ok to have expectations after you had sex! Even if you’ve met someone for the first time.  It’s more than ok. It means you start to care. It means you start to want to reach new horizons with the wonderful guy you’ve just met.

Don’t let him tell you otherwise. Don’t deny or blame yourself. But the moment you hear the phrase “don’t make any expectations here”, please translate that as “I just want to have sex with you and then forget about you”. At least this is the clear intention. Cruel, but clear.

Will he forget about you? Well… that’s relative. In my case, to be honest, I don’t think I ever had sex with a man with that kind of attitude and then he could just forget me. No… maybe we lost contact indeed, but did he forget? Not really…

Does it really matter if he forgets or not about you? Again… not really… he just wanted it wild after all… you gave him exactly what he wanted. He can’t complain now that you are being a bitch and treat him just like a source for having fun every time he comes around you. He can’t complain you don’t feel. He made sure about that since day one, since when he wasn’t sure about you and felt the need to play with others too.

He was the one with no expectations.

You had yours. Of course you had! You are a woman. You can see potential for something real, before he can even smell you. But if at 20 something years old you would have tried to show him that he is wrong and you would have spun round and round to make him understand something he would have understood only after many months or maybe years since he would have lost you, at 30 something years old you just give him what he wants if he is attractive enough and then you drop it.

You give it to him wild.

Would you ever fall in love with the guy even if you had hot, passionate sex with him? No! Why? Because you listened to him.

You have no SEXpectations!

As simple as that! 😊