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I’m not, I’m not
Tryna run your life
That’s why, that’s why
I’m nobody’s wife”- Melanie Fiona/ Give it to me right

That’s basically the thing with “women like me”.  Quality, not quantity. Passion. Lust, not a superficial monkey act.

I can deal with my own shit, so you better do the same with yours. But when I want it, you really gotta be ready. No! It’s not that you should be submissive or what they call these days a man lacking his masculinity, equal to a “pussy”, but you kind of NEED TO vibe in the same way and time with me, if you want to get to know me better. Otherwise I get bored. And that’s it.

I’m not interested in games at these chapter, either than the seduction one. I’m interested to see in your eyes the fire which actually burns inside of my body when I think of you. And when I see that, well… just do it right.

I’m a burning fire and as many lions, tigers, bulls or whatever strong personalities might be out there in the jungle, I have to say that it’s extremely hard to keep it up with me. Because…. well… the thing is… I happen to have a brain too. And actually… a quite intelligent one. Well… what can I say? I won’t feel guilty for that now and thank God the jungle is big enough. I always find what I need and want, even if sometimes it takes longer.

What role plays the brain in all this “give it to me right” thing? Well… that’s a longer story… will tell it to you some other time.

But If you really are what I like and need, I might show you a piece of me. Not too much though. As much as I want sometimes, I can’t play for too long the kitty cat role that men seem to need so much these days, so it’s better and safer for you if I actually disappear for a while after our intensive moments of passion. Or anger. Cause trust me, you’ll get angry on me. And viceversa.

Don’t take it personally though. At the end of the day…you are a man. You should understand better how it works. And don’t worry. If I really like you and I feel connected with you, I’ll probably come back to you to take my slide of adrenaline and passion. I might even develop some feelings for you if you are smart and deep enough, but that definitely doesn’t mean that I’m blind when you decide to act like an asshole.

Cause somehow, at some point you will. It just comes naturally… don’t know why, but I noticed that in time. It comes so easy and natural for you guys, just in the same way a woman becomes a bit cheesy and too clingy after just having sex with you. I am a woman too and quite a very deep and sensitive one, so I might show you this side of me too if I feel comfortable enough with you. So I guess, you might be an asshole too now and then, if that’s what you need. But next time… you better make me smile 😉

Life. Chapters. Jobs. Phases. Relationships. People. Everything changes.

But for me the wild, basic instinct will always stay the same… and… this is how it goes…