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It might be a surprise for many who openly or secretly wondered what is it that really touches me when I meet a man… that je ne sais quoi that makes me go to the next level, after I just met him. That thing that makes me wanna start the hunting and the seduction game with that guy. For some reason, many will be tempted to say that I have very high standards and that I am very picky. It’s true, but I don’t have standards higher than the ones I’ve reached. And if I bite more than I can chew, I will definitely spit it out. It happens though that I like to invest very much in my own self development and it is indeed not easy to keep it up with me.

But what is my Achilles heel? What is it that thing that makes me feel weak and strong in the same time? Who is that man who could blow my mind and my body in a matter of seconds without him even knowing it?

It’s very easy. As mentioned before, I am extremely visual. I am a burning fire and I am looking for the package that I desire and then I give time to see if under the package is what I want and need. If not, it depends… sometimes, if really attracted, I enjoy the package and that’s it, sometimes I give time and go further to see what’s inside too. But my Achilles heel are definitely handsome, tall, with a kind look, smart, funny guys, with very nice smile, hands, legs and ass…

My lioness spirit gets wild in a matter of seconds if I see this kind of guy and if it happens to be single in the moment I see him. I don’t have this kind of urges when I am in a relationship though, not only thanks to a loyalty reason, but more like because if I already found what I needed and it works, I am not interested in something else. I don’t see something else. I am not hungry anymore. If it doesn’t work though, the guy should either put his charms in function, either step aside… I never said I am an easy woman to handle.

But if I am hungry and if I got to look into his eyes and felt his smell, he should not expect anything else than to become my prey while he will be convinced that he was the one who hunted me. I enjoy the time I spent with these kind of men and feel grateful to the Universe that once again I found what I wanted and needed for a specific phase which I am in my life.

After all, life is made from chapters, from phases… someone very dear to me called them BETWEEN phases… I struggled long time to understand what he wanted to mean by that… now I know: sometimes it happens to take longer, sometimes is for a lifetime, but no matter how long or short this phase is, I definitely enjoy it every time, every single moment from it.

Because life is a journey and all we have to do to keep ourselves happy is to: live, laugh, love! And I don’t know about others, but it definitely works like magic for me.

Loveheimer 🙂

Achilles heel