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It felt like being hunted by a man and yet there was about something else too… like something I would recognize…something that I also have in me when I hunt. The seductive look, the naughty smile, the fidgeting moment, the soft female wildness, but all these imagined in a very boyish body and style.

It was the most awkward and yet, the most interesting moment I had ever lived. For a moment I looked around me, because I thought that maybe…just MAYBE…it is not about me…I could be very self-centered sometimes and think that everything is about me when I am walking into a room. Well… most of the cases it is (lol :))), but THAT LOOK made me check twice.

I felt like suddenly I’ve been transposed in a different space where the other persons just disappeared and I couldn’t make any move than wait to see what happens next. Like being numb for a few seconds, not being able to rationally think a way out, that surprised I was.

It is not a secret that we all have a female and a male side in us. Yin and Yang. I’m pretty sure everybody heard about that at least once in their life.

That moment felt like my very female side was being hunted by her very strong and yet so sensual male side.  It felt so wrong, so not for me and yet so… flattering that it made me smile. Her grateful, happy look to see me again in that fresh, summer morning, her getting nervous like a child around me, feeling the need to say whatever came into her head to say, just to make some conversation with me and keep a little bit longer the eye connection she was trying to have with me, really made me smile.

It was like I was too good to be true and she couldn’t deny it, she couldn’t help herself in showing her lust for my body, even if the place and time were completely inappropriate. But she just couldn’t take her eyes off me and felt the need to letting me know that she was into me and that she wanted me.

We spoke through our looks and while hers said all of the above, mine said smiling something like “Extremely flattered, but I am not a lesbian and not even bisexual even if, I must admit you made me nervous for a few seconds… If I had been, I wouldn’t have lost the chance to kiss you… you are damn attractive!” And then I left.

I see her from time to time and we smile to each other, like I am her secret passion or something, but what I like about them, the lesbians is that, they understand the message right away and back off, looking for the next one to charm, one who would reciprocate their feelings…

I guess… thinking now about it, I could say that it was the most unusual present I could get for my almost 35 years old birthday: the confirmation of being attractive for both genders… and that’s definitely an experience I will not forget too soon. 🙂

Life is definitely a journey and on its way, I got to see, feel and meet until now extraordinary people… and for that, I am grateful! Life is beautiful! 😍