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I like very much to observe the differences between men and women… I’m fascinated actually… I’ve read about them a lot and each time I have the opportunity to hear or see something new in this area, I’m all eyes and ears…

Things being told, I must say that even if a female from gender point of view, I would not define myself as a typical woman. And the first thing that comes into my head when I say that is that I like hunting very much. No… not the real one… but the male hunting…

I don’t know how it works for other women, but I love hunting attractive men and when I am walking into a room I know exactly IF and with WHOM I will spend a crazy night together from the first…let’s say… 20 seconds. Eyes, mouth, high, hair, walk, hands, ass and most importantly their feet…  20 seconds of scanning the entire room and I already know. Then comes the game… the seduction game which is another phase that I really enjoy in this hunting process, but the walking into a room phase I actually love it!

If there is anything I am grateful to the Universe for is having inside of me this wild, pure, sexual instinct for the opposite gender and actually being able to enjoy it each time I meet a man who fits my criteria of desire. The amazing feeling of lust and passion! Hunger for his body. Thirst for his mouth. Giant need to have him inside of me like…right in that very moment I put my eyes on him. Feeling of getting dizzy only by thinking about this moment.

The next thing for which I am grateful to this great Universe? Giving me in the end, after a certain time of waiting and being patient, always EXACTLY what I wanted and asked for… in the form that I wanted, in the shape that I needed. Not refusing me the experiences that I was so curious to have them.

I didn’t use to realize that few years ago or maybe I did but only after a deep analyse, struggle and thinking, but now, from the first seconds when I see a man that I like very much, I can recognize that I have been one more time rewarded with everything that I ever liked and wanted. And usually that makes me smile in a… different way than the one I usually smile. Or so I was being told…

Falling in love? It’s even easier… it’s about “a momentum, a feeling, a click”… but if before, when I was younger, the mental bounding was very important to me in order to relax, open and fall in love with a man since the visual scanning didn’t work so well, now usually it happens after a “damn good sex”.

Hard part generally speaking? To see in that room EXACTLY what I need and want… time and place are very important… the rest would be …history.

The great part now?

Having been lucky enough to have entered into his “room”…

Loveheimer  😊