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I am often being asked if I didn’t find yet my MR RIGHT. I always answer: “I did… like 4 times by now… I loved each of them very much, I am telling you… looking forward to meet the next one”

They always raise their eyebrows and obviously surprised they ask me then the same annoying question: “What do you mean by that? There is only ONE MR RIGHT! Everybody knows that!”

Oh no, there is not only ONE MR RIGHT… not for me… not necessary. As mentioned in my previous posts, I think that life is split in chapters. Life chapters. Each partner that we strongly vibe with and we fell in love with, reflects a part of us. He/she is like a mirror of ourselves. Take a very good look at the beginning when you meet somebody, cause this is it! This is the actual YOU! If you like it or not, it’s up for you to decide. But this is YOU!

If you feel a strong, strange connection with that person, you could say that you just found a part of yourself and you are meant to live a new experience, a new life adventure. You are meant to learn new things about… and here is the trick…  about YOURSELF! You are tempted to say that you are getting to know the other person better, but in fact you are discovering yourself.

If you really pay attention to the other one, the qualities, but also the issues he/she has, you will definitely realize that that person is reflecting the emotional, physical and/or mental stages that you find yourself in.

And either you start to have a crush, get a connection due to the qualities of the potential partner, but you notice the issues and you reject the idea of being with that person, either you feel madly, deeply, truly in love with that person, even if you see the flaws, but you choose to go with the flow. Cause you can’t help yourself. Cause you want to discover what this is about. The connection is too strong. The vibe is too strong.

It is about finding yourself. It is about a journey you start with another human being, in the name of love.  It is about climbing in a train and interact for a long or short while with different other souls in order to connect with the inner of your soul.

Why some of us have only ONE MR or MRS RIGHT and they go along with that person the whole life and others have more than ONE MR or MRS RIGHT? Well… why don’t we stay in high school forever? At some point your vision upon life, your needs, your feelings will change. Your old flaws will be corrected, but then you discover some others… you have new challenges… that’s when you start writing new life chapters…

When your current partner reaches the same stage and/or wants to go in the same direction as you, you will have indeed one MR or MRS RIGHT the whole life to grow in love with. If not, another MR or MRS RIGHT will come along. The one who fits the current needs that you have. And you will love them even more than the one before for the simple fact that he/she satisfies your new needs.

Bigger, more extraordinary needs that make you keep on going… keep on becoming a better person… keep on shining… even brighter than before…

He/she reflects new sides of yourself and you just can’t help falling in love… AGAIN!

Loveheimer 🙂