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I think every woman heard about the idea that a man needs time and space when he is in a relationship in order to… and here come different reasons why… but whatever the reasons might be, I definitely understand where he is coming from.

I’ve reached an age when, to be honest I don’t even bother to ask myself WHY he needs the time and space. Good for him! If he does that, I finally have some time for myself too. Love the idea. For a relationship is really healthy to have this kind of positive “give me a break” times. I like to take this kind of breaks from all my family members too. Otherwise I start to get irritated and then nobody will be happy around me if that happens… of that I can assure you!

So, when it comes to a relationship with a man, as long as we both respect that need, it means that we are both ready for the long run. But God forgive me, I don’t understand this kind of move during the chasing phase. I definitely don’t understand it and I don’t even try to. I just… get bored. The reason is pretty simple. If we were in a jungle and you started to run trying to get the prey, you wouldn’t stop until you’d get it. If you do stop, then forget about it… it will be long gone.

I’m not sure if it has something to do with the sign under which I was born, but for me is definitely a turn off to see how a man starts chasing me and then suddenly he “takes his time”…

Dude… don’t stop running… it’s confusing and boring in the same time… you didn’t reach your objective yet… the seduction phase should be the one in which you show me what you’ve got. Keep on doing what you’re doing and we both might get lucky.

But then again, I’m a lioness, not a deer. I don’t like to jump around. If you’re smart, I’m sure you’ll figure out what that means… on the other side, if you play your cards well, I might be the one giving myself to you almost on a silver plate and then the sun will shine on the sky of your soul faster than you might think so.

But don’t start whining about how life is hard and things are not so easy to deal with, cause I’ll start yawning and next thing you’d know is that I’d be long gone. Don’t ruin the game! You could change the rules, but don’t stop playing and definitely don’t get too serious! Not in this phase.

Who cares about things like life and death when I am so “hungry” for you? Who pays attention to stuff like if today is full moon or not? I’m not a wolf… I don’t get too impressed by the moon. I hunt extremely well during the day too. During the night I usually like to taste what I’ve just hunted. Who gives a damn if outside it rains cats and dogs, if all I need is to feel the fire inside of you?

I don’t… so… why do you?

Loveheimer 🙂

lioness smiling