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It’s ok to have expectations after you had sex! Even if you’ve met someone for the first time.  It’s more than ok. It means you start to care. It means you start to want to reach new horizons with the wonderful guy you’ve just met.

Don’t let him tell you otherwise. Don’t deny or blame yourself. But the moment you hear the phrase “don’t make any expectations here”, please translate that as “I just want to have sex with you and then forget about you”. At least this is the clear intention. Cruel, but clear.

Will he forget about you? Well… that’s relative. In my case, to be honest, I don’t think I ever had sex with a man with that kind of attitude and then he could just forget me. No… maybe we lost contact indeed, but did he forget? Not really…

Does it really matter if he forgets or not about you? Again… not really… he just wanted it wild after all… you gave him exactly what he wanted. He can’t complain now that you are being a bitch and treat him just like a source for having fun every time he comes around you. He can’t complain you don’t feel. He made sure about that since day one, since when he wasn’t sure about you and felt the need to play with others too.

He was the one with no expectations.

You had yours. Of course you had! You are a woman. You can see potential for something real, before he can even smell you. But if at 20 something years old you would have tried to show him that he is wrong and you would have spun round and round to make him understand something he would have understood only after many months or maybe years since he would have lost you, at 30 something years old you just give him what he wants if he is attractive enough and then you drop it.

You give it to him wild.

Would you ever fall in love with the guy even if you had hot, passionate sex with him? No! Why? Because you listened to him.

You have no SEXpectations!

As simple as that! 😊