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Say goodbye,
Knowing that this is the end,
Tender dreams, shadows fall,
Love too sweet, to recall,
Dry your eyes, face the dawn,

Life will go on- Chris Isaak- Life will go on

Life chapters… romances and life chapters…

At the end of the day, love is the way…

When a love story has finished, I always asked myself if I would ever meet again a man to love him as much as the one I would have just broken up with.  It always happened that I would have loved the next one even more. The power of love pushed me each time further… each time, I’ve reached limits I never thought I can even touch. And I created something beautiful each time I loved somebody. Beautiful “master pieces”, that will go through time, wearing a part of me along with them and giving to the world further even more love than I could even give.

It starts as “a momentum, a feeling, a click, with respect, openness, love and damn good sex” (J.)

Sensual moments that make you realize how lucky you are to have the chance to live that again. But then again, you look at the partner you have chosen to live those moments with and you can see that he/she reflects you. They reflect your mental, physical and emotional phase in which you seem to find yourself in. More you develop yourself in any of these areas, more you find a better-quality partner.

If you like what you see, embrace that feeling, enjoy the moment and maybe start building again if this is what you want to do.

It’s not the time that heals the wound after a long time “gone with the wind” love story. It’s you. Time will soften the scarce it leaves behind, but you are the only one who can heal the wound first. By accepting you and your choices, by learning your lessons, by understanding that when you overcome one of your self-stages, life pushes you further. If your partner doesn’t reach the same level as you, the relationship will end. Will not survive.

If you don’t recognize the signs, you might struggle so much that you could do permanent soul damages to yourself.  Don’t struggle! Try to understand and accept, but don’t struggle. Use your mind as a tool to heal. Give yourself time for that, but continue to invest in yourself. That will bring you closer… closer to the one who was waiting to meet you. The one you are meant to live the next life chapter with. Tender dreams, sweet love and romance… they will come along again if you recognize the signs…

Your once broken heart will feel again… stronger and more passionate than before… you just have to let yourself go with its flow…

It knows better that….