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Boring…  the subject how smart women are strong and independent starts to get boring to me…

Like really boring! I don’t know if the other women are stupid, dependent and weak (if you ask me, they actually have a lot of qualities and abilities that US the “smart” women don’t have), but I know this: strength in a woman has different meanings for each of them.

For example, the one who is married and sees that her husband is treating her like a coffee machine in an office and yet she is still cooking dinner for him, cleans the house and his clothes, takes care of his children and goes in bed late at night exhausted, but is still able to smile to her husband the next morning and not crack his head in two, like an “independent” woman would be probably tempted to do, well…that woman I find her strong… she is strong in her belief that this is what marriage is about… she is strong in her way of understanding love and commitment for her husband… she is patient. Like really patient! Well, that’s a quality you don’t find it so easy in a “strong, independent woman”.

A small sign that you are about to ignore her needs and she will be loooong gone. She will become a wild, untamed beast and she will smile at him too… but on her way out of the relationship… something like “Hasta la vista, baby!”

Is one happier than the other one? I don’t think so.

Everybody understands and feels happiness in a completely different way!

I feel happiness in very simple things and it just happens that they seem to have nothing to do with the man I may date with. Like reading a good book, seeing how the sun comes slowly in my room every morning I wake up, pushing me to get off the bed and get ready for a new day, the simple fact that I am healthy and that I have enough money to enjoy a new day without worrying for the next one makes me happy. Yeah… money makes me happy too! I won’t deny it. The money I work my ass for makes me happy. Success in my professional life makes me also very happy, but I can clearly set a limit between the time I work and the one I enjoy the results of my work. I always try to keep a balance.

Did I like to be single during a long period of time from my life? Oh yeah! Was it hard sometimes to deal with all the life challenges you have to deal with as a single parent? Oh yeah! Very hard! And really scary sometimes! But that didn’t make me stronger than the other ones. Just more selfish maybe. I love my life just as it is, chapter by chapter and I don’t consider myself either more independent, stronger or smarter than any other woman.

But I do consider myself a very lucky person.  Lucky to have been blessed with a wonderful daughter who makes me proud of her every single day. Lucky to have friends since I was just a little girl and time and space didn’t break that friendship. Lucky to have been blessed with one quality that always made me go on and reach for my objectives: persistence. I always trusted myself, I never doubted that I can do things that for others seemed impossible or insane, I’ve always accepted life challenges as a new way to improve the actual self-version that I had and I always found a way to smile again after I cried.

Does that make me stronger than the other ones? No… I am just a girl, an ordinary person who from time to time just does not so ordinary things… why?

Because it’s what makes me happy 😊

But I can assure you that at the end of the day, “we” the “independent, smart and strong women” also need….