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Sometimes more you give, more you want…sometimes you can’t help yourself wanting it…it’s just not enough for you…your head spins round and round and you let yourself go with this flow which seems to surround your body and mind…

All your senses are aroused: mind looses, body starts to burn…cell by cell…you feel electrified, your eyes are shinning bright, like tongues of fire and all you can think about is to do it… to step that line and break any rules. The seduction game’s rules.

You step a bit shy at first, but then more and more relaxed. You feel connected, feel the fire burning inside of you, longing for his touch, for his kisses and release…your moves are slow, but similar to those of a hungry lioness waiting in silence with all her senses wide open to get her prey. To get him!

You know you both want it and you want it now… but you tease each other with words, gestures and images well implanted in your numb brain. Sun is shining in his smile, sky is reflecting into his eyes… you bite your lips, your pulse increases and you know that soon you’ll serve every piece of his perfect body on a burning plate of desire.

You need to have more. To get more.

You approach with small steps the line between you two and while looking at him you wonder what would happen if you crossed it. He smiles at you, he takes your hands and looks deep into your eyes. You don’t fight. You let yourself guided, stepping together with him the silver line of your both private, intimate space.

Years of hunger and patience to find the right type of man you wanted to meet to inspire you and abandon yourself freely to him. Years of agony and lust. He wants it all and will take it all.

He closes the gates behind you… time stops in his hungry look…