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To stop me is not easy, can’t stop a lion from hunting- Iio

Well… that’s an easy one, but before I give you the answer to this question, let me ask you something: do you remember that last romantic dinner you had with that attractive, smart, funny, kind woman? Do you remember the deep conversation you had with her? Politics…religion…philosophy…?! Do you remember what kind of make-up, dress or shoes she was wearing? Do you even remember what did you laugh about? Cause you did… a lot… like two silly people… but do you remember what was all about?

Exactly! She doesn’t remember either! Or whatever… not too much about that date anyway. I can assure you of that!

Why? Well… the reason my friend is that, admitted or not by both genders a date is an interview for sex. As basic as that! And just exactly like to an interview, even if looks and thinking is important, the scope why it is important has nothing to do with whatever the communicated objective of the “meeting” was. But in this case it has a lot to do with sex!

You qualify or not! And if usually for men 90% of the women would qualify for it, is not really the same thing for the women. This why sometimes you might need to try for another date just so you can reach the next level of questions, maybe a “probation day” or even worst “unpaid probation month”. Sometimes it might be similar to the interview for a job: harder you work to get it, greater the reward might be. But sometimes that might not be the case. And you end up disappointed thinking how hard you’ve “worked” to get it and in the end it wasn’t such a big deal anyway.

That’s why I don’t date. Sometimes I am forced to date because the guy doesn’t get the hint from the beginning, but usually I really hate dating. I mean, the classic, pre-sex dating. Not for me!


I hunt! I chase and I hunt! It’s more fun like this. I rarely see something that I like, but when I see it, I do the talking and the mind seduction game in a completely different form than dating… he doesn’t even realize that he is about to make me his prey. Or viceversa?! 🙂 Either way, he doesn’t even know that he is actually giving an interview for… sex.  For me it’s better like this because I never know which might be the result. Sometimes it takes me by surprise also. I might like the guy so much that I am the one who initiates the official body seducing game. But I hate when I do that and he invites me to … a classic date. Such waste of time and energy!!

I can’t even focus on the dinner subject… how could I, when my body feels a tremendous desire to just… melt with the guy in what was supposed to be a passionate night and not a chatty dinner time?

Hmm… don’t know about others, but me…?! I don’t date… not for sex anyway… for that, I hunt! As simple and wild as that!

Loveheimer 🙂