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It comes slowly… like a sweet, lazy cat that wants to be cuddled…. it begins with a thought like “Is it possible?” followed by “Niehh….it can’t be”… and you ignore it… you mind further of your life as it used to be before: simple! But then there is a look, and then another one…and then that silly thought crosses your mind again: “Is it really possible?”

You ignore it this time too and focus further on your daily business, daily life, daily… whatever thing you were doing until that moment.

Complete ignorant! Mind has the control. You have been there before anyway! It doesn’t take you anywhere. It’s a complete waste of time and energy! Sometimes of health too, if it ends badly. And usually it does. You from all of them should know that anyway. You’ve got burned and you know them all now. Then you look around and say “Thank God I am free like a bird! Such corny things, I swear! Love is overrated!”

The days pass by and you become more and more focused to find reasons WHY NOT, so focused that you don’t realize that the cat is already stretching her legs on the couch, just catright next to you. You don’t know it yet, but it intends to come to you, with slow, but sure moves… meanwhile you are too busy with your thoughts… too far away from your soul… you don’t see or hear anything… its blue, kind , but sometimes a bit red eyes make you stop your thoughts for a second, wondering if he is sad or just tired, but then your mind continues to work hard to set all the procedures with immediate effect, absolutely mandatory in order to avoid a new disaster.

And that’s exactly why you are being taken by surprise when one day, you touch by accident his soft, warm hand with perfect, long fingers, with nails that seem rather drawn than belonging to a real human being… the hands of a piano player… a strange feeling crosses your entire chest, your heartbeats increase, your breathing rhythm slows down,  and suddenly your third eye gets wider… sun breaks through the curtains of your soul, and its warm light touches with an amazing kindness those old scars which will always remind you of the sunset of a beautiful, long time love story…  that’s the window you didn’t know you’ve left it opened, by the time you went to the up floor, working so hard to find the best strategies to stay away from… trouble.

heart-in-lineA man, a woman, an accidentally touch, a look, a strange exchange of energy, a thrill… that’s all it takes! A feeling long time forgotten is making its way in your entire human being just like a river through the mountains and.. you like it!

That’s the day you remember that we were born to fly and feel alive! That’s the day when your body and heart start dancing AGAIN! That’s the day when mind becomes co-pilot… AGAIN! That’s the day when your soul wakes up AGAIN!

That’s the day when you decide to put your heart on the line… AGAIN and see what comes next!

Loveheimer 🙂