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I reached a certain age when body finally met the mind and the feeling is extraordinary. Beside that, I am not struggling in an unhappy relationship, I have a great kid and a wonderful feeling of freedom each day I wake up. That’s why I have the luxury of being picky.

It’s not the quantity which counts, but getting what I like and want. Give me what I want from you and I am totally flexible to give you what you want too. There is no other way. 🙂

And what I want from you as a man and not as a boy has nothing to do with what you’ve got, what you’ve earned until your age or with the number of orgasms you are able to give to me by banging my mind with your intelligent games or by forgetting your fingerprints on my body which you can put on fire just with one look! NO!

Those are just the colors of the painting. I need to hear the music too and I want you to make me vibe to it. I want you to be able to make me go silent and determine me to listen to you. Not by force. Not by aggressiveness, but by sharing your experience to me, your thoughts and what you’ve learned until your age. Show to me that you’ve really learned something from your experiences!

I want you to make me to respect you, not by telling me to do so, but by looking strong when you are weak and showing your weaknesses when you are strong. I want you to make me trust you. And I don’t mean not to lie to me. I know you’ll do that anyway. All men do that! But don’t lie to yourself too. In this way, no matter how far away, I’ll know we are heading in the right direction and not in circles.

Make me stand by you, not by showing me the way, but being confident that you know the way. You don’t have to really know it, it’s enough if you believe there is a way. This is how in the end we will find it together.

Be mysterious, but don’t hide your feelings. Be complicated like a labyrinth, but have always a way out. Get angry on me, but don’t hate me! Even if sometimes you’ll be tempted to do so. Tell me when I am wrong and give me signs how can I do better. But don’t tell me what to do! I won’t do it!

Don’t try to put me down by all means. You are a man. You are stronger in your anger than me and I accept it! But I am deeper in emotions than you and therefore in words too. And this is what you must accept. You can break my body for a while with your anger, but I can break your mind forever… with just one word… one meaningful word!  Let me do things in my own way and time, but tell me always what you expect from me. Be very clear about that.

And if nothing of the above works, just let me be, be patient and kind! I’ll come back to you like a river in its valley after a dry summer. But don’t wait forever. Look for me and check if I got lost on my way back to you. If I did, bring me back. Enlighten me!

If you are an emotional intelligent man, you’ll know how to handle me. If not, step aside. Stop boring me! Because if I feel you can’t handle me, I’ll get wild. Like a wild horse. And exactly when you think you’ve got it, he throws you off its back. 🙂 wild-horse

It’s not enough to make me fall in love with you, but to keep me right next to you. And that’s about daily passion. Passion for US. It’s work. Work with yourself! I’ll keep working with myself too. Take your space for that, but stay close! Love yourself and I’ll keep loving myself to. But melt your love with mine like two “water arms” who mix in the same river, vanishing in a deep sea of feelings, colored by summer sunsets seen and lived together, not separately.

Other than that… I don’t WANT and EXPECT anything from you. And if you can’t give me that…well, you should know that you are from my point of view, right from the beginning “out of the market” and yeah… step aside! It’s the best decision you could make in this case anyway!

Loveheimer 🙂