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To whom it might concern

MIND-WHORES= single or not, independent, intelligent, passionate and good looking women with whom men want to have DEEP conversations… if sex comes along, well, that’s even better, but in most of the cases, it doesn’t since they feel dominated by these women and somehow that intimidates them or something… so the basic need remains “to have someone to discuss to”.

How does it work? Well, they come, they practically insist for a discussion or two, they nourish their mind and soul with it and they disappear. They reaper after a while, but basically, in time you realize that the only thing they need is a MIND- WHORE.

I think it’s a new trend now… I’ve heard it once in a comedy show and at the beginning I laughed about it, but I started to make an analysis around me and it’s true… men need MIND-WHORES…

You don’t even know what to say or think about it… to feel sorry for them or not… especially in the case of men who are already committed to someone. I mean, most of them don’t do something bad. They don’t practically cheat. Most of them are content when it comes to their partners and their lives. But they are still unhappy. And they can’t help their selves wondering why the hell is that?

The answer is simple. At some point, they made a choice: to keep it simple. They covered what they thought their basic needs were: nice, respectful woman, good mother, good in playing the housewife role too, but she might have a good job too, sex with her is not full of passion, but it is good, satisfactory, so no real reason to complain there either, and yet… something is missing.

And they are keep looking for something that they also don’t know exactly what is. Until they meet HER. The MIND-WHORE. And God help them from that point. Nothing looks the same at home. Nothing!

They can’t find a strong reason to leave their old life style behind (just for a…deep conversation??), but they don’t understand either how the hell is possible that they fell in love with… a mind-whore? Mind-banger.

Their mind is blown away just by thinking about the words she ever said to them. Powerful, meaningful words. Words that brought a major conflict between their minds and souls. Words that showed them how superficial and shallow their lives are, how keeping it simple and being only on the safe side is the reason why they are still unhappy despite of all the things they built until then.

And then it starts another kind of process. Either they start to hate her with their entire human being since they are well aware they will never be able to keep her around, either they start to hate the one from home… either way, they rarely think that in fact, it was a matter of choice. THEIR OWN CHOICE! They rarely think to assume the responsibility for what they feel: confusion and pain since their ego usually gets hurt in the process. After all: they just got banged… mind banged!

Me? Well… don’t know about others, but I’m a lioness and banging minds is not my life objective… even if, I admit! Somehow, without a clear intention in this direction, I’ve kind of done it few times, but as flattering as it sometimes might be, I think I’ll pass on this one. I find this kind of “relationships” not… satisfactory! 🙂