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It’s something about the places where we meet THE ONES… that’s the moment when we really have to pay attention cause it seems to put some kind of LABEL on the relationship we are about to have with them… in my case, it seems that it has something to do with trains and buses! 🙂

The “sparkle” with the ones I was about to have a love story with has happened to me in buses, exams rooms, trains or… even cars.

bus-full-of-peopleWith the first man that I really had feelings for and influenced my destiny, I “connected” in a bus. We traveled for a while together, we “connected”, but then he got off the first one and I was left alone in the bus. This is exactly how it happened when we broke up.

With the second one, the connection happened after taking an exam, a very important exam of my life and as I was about to see later, the experience I had with him was exactly like passing an exam too and let’s say that like in the past, in the end, I took a bigger grade than him 🙂

The third one… hmm… funny, but it was again the one whom I met in that bus, only this time we were chasing each other cars… interesting experience, but at some point a bit immature and going to NOWHERE, so I kind of moved on…

love-busThe next one I also met in a bus and now I smile at the coincidence. Thanks to him, I got over the first ones before him. In his case, we traveled together for a while, we had a very pleasant conversation and a “je ne sais quoi” , but then I remember very well that I got the first one off and him… have no idea what he did… probably he got off too… he had to anyway. Interesting, but it kind of happened this way when we broke up too… I pulled back first, then he gave up too.  I remember that I saw him shortly the second day and I felt since then that we are about to travel for a while together, but not too long.

skodaThen, a fling which became a thing later happened in a car. I actually got the chance to know this guy for the first time in his car.  He was driving to a destination were I also wanted to go, so we made a “deal” to travel together. Funny, but all that came afterward seemed all the time like a “deal”. Too… predictable for my tastes, so… it vanished after a while, but I will always remember the special moments we shared our thoughts and different views upon male vs female topic.

And… as it seems, recently I fell in love again.  Fast, easy, at first sight. This time in a train. An ordinary city train, an ordinary evening, but it was amazing! I gotta say it! We just looked into each other’s eyes and that was it! He charmed me in a matter of seconds…

A natural, big smile appeared on my face and he instantly smiled at me too. He had a gorgeous smile and I am pretty sure he was aware of that… like one of his secret weapons to attract the female gender. It felt great! We got off then at the same station and for a while we walked in the same direction… he got lost later in a crowd of people, but I didn’t feel sorry because of that. On the contrary, I was still smiling, remembering how I felt looking into his eyes. Childish, silly feeling, I swear! Something which I felt when I was an adolescent. Not even… somewhere when I was 11 and I was looking into the eyes of the first boy I ever liked. An innocent look!

Feeling this way, now, when the Christmas is right around the corner, I can’t help wondering what is the next journey which the Universe has prepared for me. Cause one thing is for sure, as I was mentioning in other posts too: the soul has an amazing ability to recover and wake up again for the next one who you will call THE ONE.

And it has never been so clear for me before, but we do seem to attract what we are. In each phase of our life. We don’t attract what we want in the shape that we want, but we attract what we are ready for, what we feel inside and what we can afford to live in order to learn from that experience, to develop and to create for a while… something together.

Now I am thinking that I never had such a strong “sparkle” with someone on a plane… hmm…“flying” together for a while…I bet that must be interesting too 🙂

This being said… Merry Christmas everybody and don’t forget: LIFE IS A JOURNEY!! 🙂

May that your next love journey be as easy, charming, sparkling, innocent and beautiful like the one that I had recently the opportunity to live! Even if just for a few minutes! 🙂