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The most beautiful, but also the dangerous one. The one when you find yourself on the edge. The edge of passion. The edge of your mind and on the wings of your body and soul. You float. It’s not just chemistry. You feel through every single touch the energy of the other one, hiding inside of you, melting with you, blowing your mind away, but never letting you go, never falling down.

You tease each other tongues, feeling the warmth that seems to electrocute you, a fire running in your entire body, up and down like a high speed train crossing continents of pleasure with the speed of light.

You don’t think…you can’t… you are not awake either… you’re numb and yet everything feels so real. Every move seems to bring you further and yet closer to each other. You squeeze her hair in one of your fist, pulling her towards you and yet keeping her away with the palm of your other hand.

You are on. You are all in and on this game of passion.

A game with clear rules: “Give it to me and I’ll give you more. Take it from me and I’ll beg for more.”


And is not over, even if it feels like it is, even if your bodies lay exhausted on a beige bed, is just not over. A part of you is still in the other one… the only one. You watch the curves of her body and skin doesn’t seem just skin, but a desert still missing the rain. Mountains reaching for the sun. Mysterious valley bringing you up and then down again in a cave… the cave of life…

Sunset and sunshine all together… thunders, storm, rain and rainbows… it’s all there waiting for you to find them. To guide them. To discover and know them.

Powerless you let yourself go with this flow, even if you used to be afraid of it, even if  you thought it was way too much for you, even if you struggled to fight it, even if everything and yet nothing makes sense…

Everything is magical…and tired, you almost fall asleep covering your body with her beautiful arms… your breath is for a moment taken away and right there, right then, a thought is crossing your mind: it happened!

It finally happened.

Love.. just found you! 🙂