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“So…  how are you?”
“Great! You?”
“No… really… how are YOU?”

A moment of silence… she was bored to hear the same question… she didn’t even want to try to think about it. Why shouldn’t she be alright after all? Everything happened exactly like she felt it is going to happen. One more time she was… RIGHT in everything she felt. It’s hard to be surprised in any way after everything she saw, lived by now.

“I’m happy… I’m really happy for him! I always knew that this is what he was looking for. It just happened that I couldn’t give it to him. That’s it! I’m not saying that I didn’t wish it had been different, but it is not. It was always a timing issue and that has nothing to do with love…not from my side, at least… let’s say, it was a journey issue… different type of life map…”

“Wait a minute… love? Journey?! Map? What the hell are you talking about? How can you still talk about love here? He doesn’t deserve it. Are you blind? Don’t you see what a coward he is to act the way he did? What a piece of shit he is? Manipulative son of a bitch! If I were you, I would… damn!!! Geeezz!! I am so angry and it is you who should have been angry, not me!! How can you be so calm… so ZEN!!?? I feel sick in my stomach only thinking about it!”

The girl looked at her friend and smiled…

Silence again: “How could I explain to another human being the only thing on this planet that can’t be explain? No matter how many times quantum physics or other sciences tried to do so? There is no god damn explanation. Facts make sense. Brain makes sense. Heart doesn’t…”

She didn’t finish her thought. It was a sunny day. Cold, but sunny. It was for the first time when winter didn’t bring her any bad news or to her fragile, but healthy body like it used to do. She was enjoying it. She didn’t feel the cold outside.

Just when she was getting ready to say something to her friend who was obviously more irritated by the situation itself than her, her mobile phone made a small sound. She checked the message and started to smile.

“Is it him? Cause if it is him, give me the phone! I know what to tell to this asshole!! You were way too kind with this guy. Harmony my ass! Give me the phone! Is it him?”

The girl with big brown eyes started to laugh loud… she put her phone in her pocket and then her arm on her friend’s shoulder:

“No…it’s not him! It’s the future! Come! Let’s have a hot chocolate. It’s on me!”