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One day you’ll just do it. And almost everything will stand against it. Time, people, circumstances, mind, mixed feelings… it’s useless to ask yourself why you’d have to do it when it’s so comfortable to just look from distance the shape and colors of other bubbles.

And it will have nothing to do with the entanglement of life. Not even with love itself. Even if that one will give you the power to see through, to break down these walls you’ve built around you with such a mastery. It won’t be THANKS to it.

You won’t be able to run from yourself anymore. You won’t even wanna do that. You’ll just know it and you’ll just do it. It won’t be a failed exercise of imagination anymore. You won’t need to hold back your passion. There will be no buts, no regrets, no fear, no bad memories, no good ones either…

It will be just life happening. Life needing to happen. Because wanted or not, even if you like so much to control it, life knows this trick better than you. It knows the way and it will bring you back in the same position you used to be in that grey day, just because you… deserve it. And it will test you to see if you are ready. You’ll just have to read the signs between the lines and get ready. Because life doesn’t offer very often second chances.

One day, LIFE will just happen!

Only then, you’ll finally know with all your heart, mind and body that you are and you have always been THE ONE outside the bubble.

Loveheimer  🙂