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“Wow… that was quite an entry!”

He smiled, looking at her with his blue eyes straight into her big, chocolate eyes.

“You think so?”

“Oh…I really think it…so, YES!” He measured her from head to toes. It was obvious that he was enjoying the view and while she was looking for the handsome guy who was supposed to serve the drinks that night, she answered to the man standing right next to her:

“I think you are heading to a dangerous place. And it would not be fair from my side not to tell it to you!” she gave him a big, naughty smile, looked at the barman who just came to take her order and she said continuing to smile: “Martini, please!” The barman smiled also at her and he started to prepare her Martini. Dry, garnished with 2 olives.

He must have been around 50 years old or something. He was tall, with a perfect haircut for his oval shape face and he was wearing an extremely good perfume. His smiling blue eyes with thin wrinkles around them seemed to be drawn. She couldn’t say what shape his nose had, but it inspired masculinity to her. His lips were making the perfect call for a soft and yet wild “kiss touch” in the middle of an almost dark, but still very colorful room.

“He has beautiful hands!” she said to herself while she was getting ready to sip from her Martini.

“Eeeee… ntz ntz ntz… these young beauties!! Always in a rush!Spoiling the magic of such an unique moment!”, he said to her, nodding his head and then he added:

“To this charming, beautiful night! To… you!” He raised his glass of wine and she did the same with her glass of Martini. It was a moment. Few seconds actually. She looked him straight into his eyes, then his lips, then again into his eyes and she felt strange. Desire! She felt how it was growing inside of her like the flames of a not yet burning fire and for a second she wished the room was not full of those people.

“Cheers!” she heard herself saying and while sipping from her Martini, she kept looking into his eyes. He did the same and then he said “You should not be allowed to walk around like a wild lioness that you are, scratching the hearts of poor men only with this look of yours and your body … oh…ggggggg… your body… each time I see you, I look at you and say to myself : I wish she had been mine! At least once!”

She started to laugh.

“Don’t laugh! I’m serious! You break my heart! Each time I look at you!” She laughed even louder.

The DJ changed the song and that made her stop laughing, but start moving slowly her hips.

He left his head on one side to admire her, he bit his lower lip and smiled at her. He took then her glass of Martini and put it on the bar, right next to his glass of wine and then he said:

“Cmon! At least dance for me tonight!”

She smiled back at him and while her hips seemed to describe clouds on a blue, clear sky, she raised one by one her hands in the air, closed her eyes and started to dance.

The lyrics were like a pray…