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There are some countries that before you go to visit, you have to get vaccinated. Your body might be healthy, but the idea is not to take something contagious from that country where you go. That could put your own life in danger, but also others if you come back in your own land and transmit to others God knows what diseases.

After careful consideration and study, I must say that this is exactly what happens when you have a heart full of love and you are about to meet men who have a real problem: a huge ego born from fear.

The good news? Once you get vaccinated, if you survive to the side effects, you will be happy and safe no matter if you are single or in a relationship. The bad news? Once you get vaccinated, you become a complete different person. You are immune. Which in daily life could be mistaken with being insensitive or that your heart lacks a normal amount of love or something.

In reality, if it is not with LOVE, then nothing could ever touch your mind or heart again. And you go out there in the jungle, and you check them all and you smile. They don’t know it yet, but even if they believe is a “they hunting you” process thanks to their secret weapon, “the ego”, in reality they are already your prey.

It is being said that both women and men are looking for the feeling of being loved and secure. The moment you get “vaccinated”, you’ll never need the approval from nobody for love or security reasons. You just choose. This one not… this one definitely not… this one maybe. And you’ll not even bother to move a finger until you see/meet exactly what fits you. And while doing that, you won’t be hasty, you’ll be patient, sometimes a bit too hungry, but always with a feeling of being loved and secure. That comes from inside you and you only.

You are already safe because you already have the virus in you. You’ve already seen the worst in a man once he presses “EMERGENCY EGO BUTTON”. Nothing surprises you anymore. You don’t live in fear anymore and most of all, you don’t look back anymore, thinking that maybe you’ve hurt with your rejection another human being on this planet. They wanted to infect you with their sick ego. You just became a pro in keeping this kind of persons away.

You are not vulnerable anymore… you don’t respond to anything else, but kindness and love. Anything else other than that, anything in BETWEEN is just a “Recycle Bin” item.

The “key to happiness”? Learn how to love yourself and get out THERE in the jungle and vaccinate yourself! Don’t wait to discover one day that you got sick too and you don’t know what to do with that. Don’t spread ego and fear, but love and smiles. Because love doesn’t hurt. Ego does! And it hurts much more when you are being taken by surprise. Sometimes you won’t be able to find the way OUT again. Because it was not a choice. It… just happened. You were just a victim.

Go out there and love…unconditionally! Share your thoughts, your heart with someone if he’s special and you’ve decided to do so, but before all: vaccinate yourself! Only this way, you will keep your smile on your face even when they will give up on you and go. Only this way you will be able to understand. Only this way your heart will still be full of joy even after they were long gone. Even after they let you down. Even after they let you go.

Go out there and stay… HAPPY! 🙂