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I think I am in the wrong movie. I can’t say in the wrong circle of people cause I am not really into “circles of people”. I don’t wander around looking for God knows what kind of confirmation that I still HAVE IT… so it can’t be that. But from time to time it happens that I meet a man that gets my attention. It doesn’t happen too often, let’s say, maybe once at 3-4 years or something, but anyway, when it happens I go deep in the “love game”. Yet, by now, none of the men for whom I did that surprised me differently. In the moment, I gave them emotional power to see what were they capable to do with it, they blew it. BIG TIME!

chameleonThere are men that know they can’t handle you and step back immediately, trying to be in the best scenario your friend.There are men that don’t know that they can’t handle you until you put them in a difficult situation and then they react aggressively, being obviously wounded in their ego. And there are men who know that they can’t handle you and yet they continue the game, changing their colors like a chameleon and come up front with all the things you would like to hear, but NEVER doing anything in real life.

And it’s fun and it’s great, until they make a…”joke”. Instead of playing with me, they start playing with my feelings. When I see that, I usually give clear signs that I don’t like and don’t appreciate what they are doing. But it’s like watching some kids playing at the playground. They are so focused on their game, that they forgot their “place” in this universe.

you-so-stupid-jokesThis kind of men make me raise my eyebrows and say “Geeeez…. Seriously??”. I mean, they are determined, smart men generally speaking, but when it comes to you, they are completely confused. Only by using their huge ego they manage to hide it for a while, but when you figured it out, they use everything you ever said or done against you. They know you are out of their league and when you finally show them very clear that you are not an idiot to bite their attitude, they abandon the “game” since they don’t have other place to go. But in that moment you become the crazy person and they, well… that’s the beauty of the movie!! They become respectful, “normal” men who just wanted to love and respect you, but you never let them since you must be… crazy or something.

And then I wonder: since when chameleons are eating lions??

As I said: I must be in the wrong movie or something! 🙂