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“Life is not easy, but if you follow its signs it could be an extremely beautiful journey.”

“You really believe this bullshit or you are just saying it to comfort me?”

“Actually I do! And start listening each day to the music you feel like listening it to. You will be amazed what kind of messages, wishes and dreams are being hidden inside of you.”

The girl with big brown eyes smiled at her friend and gave her a warm hug.

“Silly girl! Ok… enough… you are going to make me blush. I’ll go now. Will keep in my mind what you told me. You should have been a psychologist or something. I swear! You manage to see some things that I don’t even see and he is my husband! Isn’t that funny?”

The friend gave her a last embrace and left.

It was pretty chilly. The sun seemed to have changed its color. It wasn’t better or worse. It was just… different. The girl closed the window with the view to the garden and went to make herself a hot tea. What a wonderful feeling to be “HOME” again!

She checked her phone… silence… no missed calls, no text messages. And still HE was THERE. He was still part of it. After so many years, he was still a constant presence in her heart.

That kind of presence that makes your smile brighter in a silent afternoon just by thinking about HIM, that brings you peace in your daily stresful thoughts, that makes you feel special and brave cause you didn’t give it up, cause you trust that things are always coming on their way, if you let yourself go with the flow. The kind of presence you would like to have it THERE for the rest of your life, cause it gives you strength and makes you weak in the same time. That kind of presence that you feel you can’t take any longer without it and yet you are waiting patiently the moment when both your energies would align and make it one… another one… that kind of presence that makes you say Good bye! just to have the chance to say Hello! again. That kind of presence that makes you think that getting old is not such a bad idea after all, if it’s with HIM you are doing it. It will be fun anyway, so who cares about some wrinkles?

She closed her eyes for a short moment and took a deep breathe.
“Life is indeed a wonderful journey” she said to herself and took a sip of her tea.

It was autumn again.