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Je t’aime… I love you… Te amo… Ich liebe dich… Te iubesc… and so on… so many ways to say it, but so hard sometimes to even whisper it…

It used to be hard for me too to go beyond my own emotions and just say it, to just set those words free and let people know loud and clear what I feel for them. It was and still is a constant learning process. When I became a mother though, it was a completely different story. I was, of course like any other mother on this planet, overwhelmed by the whole package of emotions I felt the moment I heard my baby crying for the first time. But that was the only moment when I really could say to another human being that I love her without feeling ridiculous or like an exercise. It came naturally. Easy. No barriers. No fears. No silly thoughts after.

More she grows up, more I try to let her know every day how much she means to me. Not just by actions which for me could be a sign of love too. But by trying everyday to speak HER language. And that involves a mix of actions, body language and words. Especially words. Said at the right time for bringing comfort and silence in her sometimes tiny, troubled soul because of things that to me might seem silly, but to her such a source of emotional distress.


In my opinion, we- “THE ADULTS” forget often that when it comes to love, we all speak different languages. Especially now with this mix of cultures and internationalize of jobs, moving from one country to another phenomenon. It’s a Babylon of LOVE! What for an east European is a gesture of love, for one who lives in the heart of Europe could be a weird one, and for a west one could be a sign of mental disease or something. And viceversa 🙂

We get so lost in the “IF she/he would have loved me…” type of sentences that we don’t find anymore the way back to the other one’s soul. We are tempted to say that it is because of the pride that we don’t take any actions to show what we actually feel, but in reality is not just that… it is also a lack of skills. Those to speak the other one’s language.

What love could do, in case it’s a real one is to motivate you to learn the other one’s language, but it can’t help you to build something if you don’t understand each other.

Me? I learn new languages extremely easy and the process includes a musical ear, curiosity, motivation, passion for learning something new, reading and listening. A lot. It takes a while till I start to really speak it and it depends how hard it is, but I always GET it in the end. Always!

So… what about you, Stranger? Do you speak “LOVE”?   🙂 🙂