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I think I’m gonna throw up… I’m sure that if I’m gonna hear this phrase again, I’m gonna throw up: “For men, love goes through their stomach”. This being said by a man which I used to consider a smart one. I used.

Ok… let’s start all over again! I don’t like dating. From the bottom of my brain, I really don’t like dating. I consider dates a waste of time, energy and most of the time, money. They bore me to death! Same questions, same speeches, same “ASL PLS” type of phrases “Age…Sex…Location, please!”

I’ve been always a relationship kind of person or a single one. In fact, basically I’m quite a loner. Why? Well?! What can I say? I like listening to my thoughts. And I don’t like being disturbed in the process. :))  In fact, I very rarely choose a man for a relationship… some say I have too high standards, some say I’m crazy… Me? I say that only one type of relationship is appealing for me: the wild one. And let’s say that I like to just go with the flow. If it happens to be an interesting flow, I go and I stay with it, if not, well… I’ll pass. Too “domestic” for me.

I gave up dating since I was in high school when after 15 or 20 “dates”, I saw that the only scope of those was for boys to get laid. It had nothing to do with my very sensitive way of being I had back then. Not that now I am not so sensitive anymore, but let’s say that now I also know the meaning of an “one night stand” in case the circumstances really require it.
That is also not really satisfying either, but comparing to “dating”, I definitely prefer this one. But that’s another story.

Coming back to what and how love interferes with man’s stomach, I must say that I need a draw to understand how does this work. Cause it obviously still works, since the speech is still annoyingly out loud said by men. Even by the smart ones!

Last time I heard that, my first thought was: “Dude! Are you hungry? Learn how to cook!” The best chefs in the world seem to be men anyway! Why going through the entire hell of making a woman fall in love with you and eventually marry her just to make sure that at the end of the day your belly is going to be satisfied? Well… your belly and your penis, of course! But if the second one became more and more optional these days, the first one seems to still be mandatory! This is madness!

I will exclude now the already married couples or not… those had already established a deal as it seems. The woman cooks, man eats, they have sex once in a while, life seems to be beautiful and shinny. Or whatever…

I am talking now about the what they like to call their selves “hunters”, even if I’d call them “hungers” more likely. A piece of advice from a hunter to another hunter? It’s a major turn off! I don’t know about the others, but for me it’s a major turn off! Talking about food being the key to a man’s heart, it’s the same thing like saying “for women, love goes through your pocket”. No difference at all. Who said that they all want your hearts anyway? 🙂

So… to all the bellies it might concern: next time you go to a date with a woman and decide to talk about food, make also sure that your pocket is full.

After all, beside love, it seems that nothing is for free…

Or so they keep saying that… 🙂