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“What are you looking for? You are a wonderful woman… you are smart, funny and so help me God…extremely attractive…” he said laughing naughty. “Tell me what is it that you are looking for…”

She looked at the man on the other side of the table and into his eyes… small, blue, like two crystal stones…

“Shall I tell him that I am not looking for anything? Despite the odds? Despite the wrong mentality that he and this society we are living in have? That it takes two to be happy and accomplished? That I actually don’t really need a man to take care of me and satisfy just some basic needs… should I tell him that I thought for a long time that I should look for a SPECIAL man to learn with and from him? Shall I tell him how hungry I once was to really have FUN with that SPECIAL man in this whole learning process and not to feel it like a competition or a PARENT- CHILD type of relationship?…”- before finishing her thoughts, the waiter came.

“Can I take your order now?”

“Hmm… I’ll have another lemonade for the moment, thank you!I did not decide yet for the food” she said not taking her eyes from the curious admirer she was taking lunch with.

The waiter wrote her wish down, asked her companion if there is anything else he would also like to order, he smiled and then left.

“Nothing! I am happy!” she said all of the sudden looking him straight in his blue, tiny eyes. The glasses made him look like a silly, but intelligent child, his nose a bit Nordic reminded her of the one who used to once listen to her thoughts, like reading a personal journal, every day, every morning, every evening…

He winced and raised his eyebrows. His eyes got bigger, he opened his mouth, pulled his chair back, opened his arms as if he was about to give a big hug to someone and said:

“You must be kidding me! When did that happen?”

“To happen… what?” she said with a big smile on her face.

“What do you mean what? This! You! The happy YOU!”

“Aaaaa this?! The new wonder of the world? The HAPPY me?”

“Hell jaaaa!!” he said obviously extremely amazed by her answer. “I don’t know too many people who can say so openly, short and fast that they are happy. You said it and funny… but I believe it even if, I don’t know how it’s that possible. You’ve been through a lot, things that make normal people to become mean and bitter on a long term…you are single for a long time, most of women are desperately looking for a man just for money, or sex… or to… I don’t know, have someone in their life… plus, you are a single parent, nobody helps you, you do things in your own way, never listen to anybody beside your bloody intuition that got you in so many troubles till now and yet…you tell me that you are happy! Enlighten me cause I don’t fucking get it!”

By the time he finished his sentence, she was looking around and then again at her right side to check how many new eyes were looking at her then and seemed to ask their selves the same question. Then she said:

“I have something to do, I have someone to love and I have something to hope for.”

She smiled large to the handsome waiter who just came to bring her order, picked the cold glass of refreshing lemonade and then said: “Cheers!”

There were 32 degrees…in the shade…