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You challenge each other since you’ve met. Push buttons. Check reactions. Show standards. Set boundaries. You seem to walk on a path that goes to NEVER and EVERYWHERE, you say Goodbye! just to have the chance to say Hello! again and you tease. You tease each other with dreams and ideas about HOW IT SHOULD BE, HOW YOU WANT IT TO BE and yet none of you is crossing the line. The safe line.

It’s easier this way, nobody gets really hurt, but the fire is burning you inside. It’s quite fun too. You became almost an expert in FEELING without SEEING, TASTING without TOUCHING and you are the real prove that attraction doesn’t last only 3 years.

Kind of successfully surviving in a jungle of mixed feelings. You enjoy playing with others too, but from time to time you are looking at the sky, sniffing and feeling the smell of the other one, thinking that probably somewhere around that person is doing just the same thing that you do, but never really stop thinking about each other.

While you shape each other’s basic instincts, feelings and get ready for the real “adventure” of life, you are waiting patiently for the moment to come. The moment when the past and the future become PRESENT. The moment when time stops with the speed of light and makes you believe that you are flying. You get high only by thinking about it, but desperate too thinking that it would never happen.

Moments of agony. Sweet dreams and agony. Love and hate. Anger and desire. Lust and apathy. Hunger and satiety. Trust and doubt. Sadness and happiness. Bitterness and joy. Patience and impatience. Night and day. Light and dark.

The power of LOVE versus the power of MIND.

Every bone, nerve, vein and cell of your body are wide awake, feeling and breathing life that growths inside of your once closed heart. And no matter how much time will pass by, no matter how many others will cross with your path, you know that that one is THE ONE!

You just have to cross the line!