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I’d compare it to that… first the lights turn off, one by one making space for the dark to cover it, room by room… then suddenly a false flash of hope crosses it through all its rooms, making you believe that it’s possible, that this is not the end, that it still has more to offer then you’d thought…

But then the crash starts… and it’s God damn painful… every bone hearts… every blink of the eyes feel like it would be the last one… you’d scream, but fear iced any connection between those rooms… nobody will hear you anyway… you’d run, but you don’t see where…it’s too dark to find another path… it hurts…it hurts so much seeing how it’s going down, waiting for the end to happen that you could almost hear the awful sounds of the walls crashing down, scratches that become real, deep cracks dragging you in abyss… you cry, you lie that you’d be better, you’d do better and you pray to God (that you completely forgot about it until then) to give you another chance… you desperately swing your hands as if you’d say “Hello! I’m still here!!I’m not gone yet!” but nobody hears or sees you..

The cold from the outside and the freezing water in which you are about to get drown just paralyses all your senses… one by one…second by second… memories (old and new ones, bad or good ones), thoughts, ideas are being squashed one by one, covered by dark and die like ants die killed by a toxic “wave”…

And it’s nothing you could say or do in order to avoid the inevitable, you just have to accept that this is it, your love journey is over… but in the end, after everything is gone, peace breaks through… the blue, dark, cold water which just swallowed your heart with such anger and fury few seconds ago seems like it was never so stormy and cloudy as it was in the moment it “rushed” into your HOUSE… your SOUL HOUSE.

And it’s too late for regrets… it’s too late for painting with another colors… it’s too late for promises, it’s too late for everything that it should have been done before her heart sank in a muddy sea of pain, desperation, longing, sadness and crying.

Her heart just closed… for him.