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As babies, we learned that if we cried, we would get food. So we practiced crying every time we needed food. Then we learned how to walk and we practiced it every day, being able today to hike mountains if we wanted to do so.

Then we learned words and we practiced speaking. And so on.

We learn and practice all sorts of things during life, starting from basic stuff and reaching higher skies, depending on each one’s power of will, ambitions and desires.

Me? I learn and practice love every day. This is my daily challenge and I enjoy every moment of it, even if sometimes is mixed with feelings like sadness, desperation, anger or sorrow. All those disappear like in a magic fairy tale when I see, touch and embrace the man that I love. I learn new things at this chapter every day and I constantly put them in practice.

It’s the hardest thing that I’ve ever chosen to learn and do, but I still choose to do it. I can’t give up on it. Not yet. Now now. Even if I’ve been tempted to do so. Even if it gets me tired. Even if sometimes it ends and it doesn’t last forever.

The moment I feel the first touch of love for a man, I go with the flow until the top of that mountain of emotions and I hike it. Even if on the way I might get hurt. Even if I fall. Even if he falls. Even if I know that when you are half way up, you are also half way down. I let myself fly on the wings of love with all risks included because it’s worth it. Because he’s worth it. I practice patience, understanding and acceptance every day, because as long as my heart is beating for him, nothing could stop me to learn and practice love between and outside the sheets… with and for him…