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Your job as a man is to create a romantic fun-field, mysterious opportunity for SEX to happen“- signed by a relationship coach.

Relationship coach?? Really? That bad it got? Guys need a coach in order to get laid? I don’t know if I should laugh or start crying.

Then people ask you why you choose to be alone. Well, because it’s more “fun” like this nowadays. No drama for no reason. Because the second I hear things like the one I just quoted, I experience a major turning off moment and that’s it, the short “fun”-story ends before it even starts.

Have no idea what kind of women are out there, what are their “signals”, but in my opinion SEX should be the simplest thing to get. It’s basic instinct. It doesn’t just happen because you acted like a clown or on the contrary, like a Romeo. It shouldn’t be that way!

You need no game. You need no fun-field. No romantic dinners. No mysterious opportunities for that!! You just need to take a look! If in the first ten seconds it doesn’t come into your head the “I’d so f..k this guy right now, right here!” then it doesn’t even worth going any further. Cause any conversation will just make you waste your time. Any fun- field he’d try to create will make him seem in my eyes stupid and desperate.

I don’t play with guys with whom I’m not into them. The game comes when it’s too late and I fell in love with you. I always act like a dumb person when I am in love. That means, you were clever enough to reach that level with me. To intrigue me that far. That means the spark between our bodies is there, but that you have also a god damn mind that fascinates me like a puzzle and while “playing” in order to understand you, I let in fact myself falling in love with you. Because I feel you might worth a try. In that moment you can say you “got” me. You can put me on your “list” of conquests.

But the tricky thing with me is to know how to keep me. Cause I can be crazy in love with you, I can act dumb like a cow in the process, but the moment you said or did something to make me feel that you have no idea how to along your needs with mines, I back off. That means that besides my body and mind languages, you don’t speak my soul language.

Then, why should I stay any longer? Just for great sex and “fun”? Nieeeh…. I have a lot of fun reading stuff like the one mentioned above. And basic instinct is also fun, but just not enough for me to build life together. Soul connection is a MUST TO HAVE. No more, no less.

So…I’d say it like this: “your job as a man is to create a romantic fun-field, mysterious opportunity for LOVE to happen and to constantly work in order to keep it!”.

Sex comes by instinct, but love not!

Loveheimer 🙂

love happens