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There are some things you cannot put into words. No matter how much talent at writing you would have, is just almost impossible to describe. But you can definitely feel it. One sense is replaced by another… sometimes working together as a team, bringing you on high mountains of feelings that you would have never thought you would ever reach.

And when you reach that top you just get silent… you take your hat off in front of the force of love, surrender its natural way of shaping wild diamonds, making them shine in a blindness which took ages… you stay still in front of the way it brings fire in your soul when you would have thought that nothing and no one would ever wake you up again from a deep, long sleep. So you let yourself flow in this emotional river, even if sometimes you feel like running or at least covering your eyes which seem to be unable to adjust to the bright light of the diamond of love.

Words are useless. Times stops. Life becomes magic. 10 seconds of magic that seem like a lifetime. You feed yourself with every beat of your heart from those seconds and you are afraid that if you say or do something the moment will be gone forever.

Cause wanted or not it will be gone forever…because we are not immortal…because you’ll never feel so alive again… because: