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In 2015 I’ve learned that everything in this life depends on how you “see” things! Well, this absolute truth was standing in front of my eyes for a long time, but I’ve just learned this valuable lesson in 2015. For example, some might say that there is love when sex is the only thing about it, or vice versa.

If that sounds too general to you, then think about a man cooking for a woman and a woman cooking for a man at the very first beginnings of a… thing.

cartofi 2Man cooking for a woman says without any words that he wants a… “different” kind of … sex with her. She is a “different” lady, so he treats her “different”. He also wants her to fall in love with him. The reason? In that very particular moment he doesn’t know it either, but somehow he wants it.

Woman cooking for a man says loud and clear a message like “I’d love to be your wife!” It’s nothing sexual about it, it’s just “Hey look… I would be definitely able to take care of you. Pop the question already!”

Me? At the beginnings, I usually cook without even asking the guy if he is hungry or not. The only message that has to be read between the line is: “I AM HUNGRY!” It has nothing to do with the guy, it has no deep, underneath message, I am just hungry and I am not interested to show what a great cook I am, so he can start thinking he might marry me. But I am definitely interested in having more sex with him, and that’s why I am cooking in HIS kitchen.

It’s the same thing about making love or having sex. I am appalled about the importance women still put on the act of “making love” and/or missionary position. It seems they are connected or something. What I’ve learned though is that where men see excitement and fun, they see oddness and perversity, and what men see it as something absolutely boring and not exciting at all, women call it making love. Me? I definitely can’t function in a relationship without any of those!

MY new year’s resolutions?

1. Avoid “seeing” things and have more fun.
2. Continue to accept people just as they are. (NB: That doesn’t mean I will accept in my life those kind of people who suck my energy with their behavior and negative thoughts!!)
3. Stay healthy.
4. Learn new things.

5. Love more, worry less!

“Good plan!” 🙂

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