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“And… what did you decide? You’ll go?”

“Have no idea… I really don’t know! To be completely honest, I’m afraid to go!”

“You? Afraid? Well that’s new! Tell me more! I’m all ears!”

glass of teaThe girl looked at her curious friend and she smiled sad at her… she made her always the witness of her soul and yet she never understood a thing besides expensive bags, cars or houses. She took with both hands her warm glass of tea and went to look by the window.

“This is definitely no Christmas weather!” she said sipping from her tea while looking at the clean, blue, but cold sky.

“Well, tell me about it? We are concerned that we paid our trip to enjoy snow and will enjoy dry grass instead! But never mind! Don’t change the subject, young lady! Tell me, why are you so afraid of?”

The girl left the glass of tea on the small, white table and made few steps as if she wanted to go in the other room. Then she stopped. She turned around and watched her friend straight in her eyes. She opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but she covered it with her right hand’s fingers instead. Then she turned her back at her friend and finally left the room in a hurry.

“Ok!! You are weird today… may I ask what’s going on in that wild head of yours?”

The girl with big brown eyes put fast some shoes on, took her jacket and left without saying a word to her friend who ran behind her in a failed attempt to stop the girl and almost yelled at her:

“Hello!! I’m still here, you know?! Where do you go? You didn’t finish your tea!”

With her brown, red with almost gold shadows hair, shinning in the winter sun like the hair of a lion, the girl was running on the empty streets apparently with no destination. And yet she was heading towards something. She kept running! Her heart was biting fast and she felt the cold air like a knife in her lungs, but she kept running. The silent streets seemed to ask her what in the world she was doing, but the trees seemed to know the answer. With their skinny branches they seemed to show her the way…

The sky got cloudy and the cold wind started to cut her breath, but even if she’d wanted to stop running, she couldn’t, as if the body wouldn’t have listened to her anymore.

She was running… HOME!