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SHEEP 2It must be something that I do wrong… sometimes I think it’s because I’m smiling so much, even when is hard… it must be confusing for the male gender… or maybe it’s because I’m small and comparing to a man tall like a tree, over 180 cm, I must look like a leaf in the wind.

Have no idea what exactly, but I’m surprised every time a “wolf” gets closer, to check my “smell” and tries with such a nerve to take what he considers it’s already his, by pushing my limits further then I allow, even if there was absolutely no signal from my side that I’d like to go further.

“Dude, do I look like a sheep to you?”
WOLFThis is my question that comes into my head right after I see their fully dilated pupils after looking at my mouth while I’m speaking, then at my “mountains”, then again at my mouth… and they keep trying and pushing, over and over again, who knows, maybe the lioness after night became a sheep…

On regular basis I am kind enough and I don’t put this question, I just wonder why 99% of them make the mistake to try “to take a bite” instead of minding their own business. Sometimes, when pushed too far, I am the one who bites… the problem is that when I do that, it kind of … “hurts” and it leaves scars… deep ones… as far as I saw… and in the end, of course, I am the bitch and them the victims, but they would never admit that they’ve been warned to back off.

With me is very simple… I don’t know why it has to be so complicated for others, but with me is simple: when I want something, I go and get it… and I am not talking about relationships here, but about the first phase in the seduction game. I give a very clear message that I WANT and that’s it… as simple as that…

If I’m suddenly not coming to you anymore even if I gave clear signals that I want it too, that means it might be because you’ve done something that demotivated me and cut my enthusiasm. That means you are kind of losing ground” because I am slowly becoming less and less interested in you in case you don’t do something to make the game more interesting…

But if I don’t come at all and I give no straight forward message that I want, then you are not my “type” and I don’t want to have anything to do with you since I am big enough now to know that generally speaking there are no “friendships” between men and women… so, what can I say? Hit the road, Jack!


There is no behind message, there is no “I want him to win me over”, “hard to get” or a “please save me” game . I am not that kind of woman. I don’t have patience for such a thing.

So… then again, I wonder: women emancipated so much, there are so many strong women out there, who know what they need and want and they are not willing to make compromises, how come men didn’t adjust their attitude too? How come they still act like savages, thinking with their pants and not with their heads?