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blondy“How old are you?”


“Nooo… really? You look like 20.”

It’s the most frequent question that I got in the last couple of years and I have no idea why people feel the need to tell to a woman over 30 that she looks younger than the age she actually has it, but they all do it. With no exception! And I always get confused when I hear/see such a reaction, because I don’t know if I should take it as a compliment or not.

Why? Well let’s see… “you look like 20” should make me feel good, I mean, wow, I have a young body apparently… still… on the other side, what’s with that: “Nooo… really?” It’s like they are disappointed or something that you are over 30… as if 30 is a psychological bridge towards the end of your life…

Oh yeah… I am 33 years old and I am completely in love with myself. Tricky thing? I’ve always been. No matter  what age I had! :))

Today I love my wrinkles that are already on my forehead. They remind me how much I loved, I hated, I endured, I’ve learned in my life until now. They worth it! I love my intuition and that I am guiding my life after it. I trust what I feel, no matter how much my mind fights against it.

happy peopleYesterday I loved my enthusiasm, my craziness in doing things like taking the car and crossing Europe so I can reach the city of love, Paris. But I would not do it again today, I’ve already done it, so it’s not appealing to me anymore…

Tomorrow I might love something completely different about me… but all in all I have no regrets. I am one of those persons who have done and lived everything they wanted to do so until now. Every year I set new objectives and I do my everything to accomplish them. And this is how another year passes. And another! And then another…

This is how I know that my 33 years mean a time of accomplishment, of daring to dream, of making mistakes or stupid things in the name of love, of learning lessons, winning, but never getting too smug about it, failing, but never giving up, crying, but never stop laughing, being sad, but never forget to always take a colorful, shiny picture with my soul and brain’s camera to all those moments which made me say “I am happy“.

I am the woman who looks back at every year till I turned 33 and I can very loud and clear say that I would not want to be younger or older now… NOW I just AM!! No less, no more. I AM!! And I thank God all the time that I’ve learned to believe… in everything that I believe in… especially in LOVE.

I recommend it to everybody who wants to look “younger”. No creams, no treatments, no big money spent to get there: just LOVE.love


Cause I don’t know about others, but it surely works for me as it seems 🙂