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“So… are you alright?”

A shine smile appeared on the girl’s face: “Yeah… I’m fine…”

“Are you sure?”
She felt like the question he put to her was an honest one, but in the same time dishonest. She couldn’t quite explain why she felt it this way. She looked deep into his blue eyes, as if she was trying to figure that out, but instead she felt cold chills on her back… he so reminded her of HIM… the “door” was open, but just as in a castle with open gates for the visitors coming to admire its paintings, she didn’t feel like HOME going deeper into his look… his weird hair remembered her of a new born baby.

“I’m tired, I guess and I still have a million things to do these next couple of weeks! I have only two hands, you know?” the girl said and made two steps back as if she felt uncomfortable having him so close in her private space. Then she added:

“I’ll be just fine when I’ll be done with my projects for this year. Then Christmas is coming. I’ll have plenty of time to rest.”

“Ok.. if you are fine, then I am glad to hear that!” he smiled back at her and touched her left arm in a friendly, almost childish way. “Let me know if you ever need something I might help with, ok?”

She smiled again… but this time she couldn’t help thinking that he is too nice to her. Almost like he knew what she has been through and he felt a sort of strange “sympathy” for her. Still, he didn’t even know her, he was practically a stranger, and yet here it was… a weird connection which she couldn’t explain to herself if it was about a friendly one or it was supposed to get her somewhere else.

Either way, she felt like turning her back on him and she left. Too soon… to think, to feel, to need…

She arrived home, left her stuff on the floor and turned the radio on. She looked by the dark window and her breath stopped for a second… her own body reflection in the big window took her by surprise… she passed her right hand through her hair, touched her face and then it went lower on her small, but curved body…

The sky was dark and cold…