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“Just try not to…” it’s very easy.

“What the hell? Did you check yourself in the mirror lately? You’re hot!! And you’re smart and funny and…”

“Damn!! It sounds like a sure road to success!”

“Oh c’mon!! How is a man supposed to be around you and not thinking about…”

“Just try not to…”

“I’m not talking about me!!! I’m already expired, you know that!”

“Ha ha ha! Then the subject is closed! Right?”

“You are young! You should take advantage of your youth, look, mind. Time is not waiting for you to live your life. Sex is good, is healthy!”

“I’m living my life! And let me get this straight: having wild sex with every man that gets horny only by looking at me will… heal me of whatever you are thinking I am suffering now??”

“Yes… actually I do. I think you need someone else’s body-print on you. Someone better! It’s the only way you’ll get over him!”

The girl laughed and then went immediately silent for few seconds. “Outside pressure… that should be a good sign… I guess…” she said to herself, then took a deep breathe and closed her eyes…

“You are crazy, you know that? And you always make me laugh, but now I gotta go. I am sorry we didn’t get the chance to see each other this time, but next time for sure will do so, ok? Thank you for your kind thoughts, I know you are well intended. But I am fine. No need to worry! Take care of you and keep in touch. Bye!”

“You’re so stubborn!! I guess there is nothing I can say to change your mind, is it? Ok… then take care of yourself too and I will let you know about my next trip! Bye!”.

The answer at the other end vanished in the dark silence of the night. The girl left the phone down and went to look by the open window. The sky was cloudy. A cold, sharp lightning cross it fast, making it to look even more spectacular and mysterious. She brought by instinct her left hand at her chest and whispered:

“Something is wrong…”