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fishermanWhen I was a child, I used to like to go fishing with my dad… I’ve tried many times to understand his pleasure of just hanging on a shore, in front of an annoying, silent lake or river where nothing seemed to happen, but I’ve never managed to get the idea… I liked to go with him though, to watch how relaxed he was, his smooth moves, his technique he was using to catch fishes, and in the end his joy when he caught one.

I still have the image with him smiling each time that happened… there were precious moments for me because my father is not the man to see him smiling all the time… I asked him many times what was all about this fishing that he enjoyed so much and he did try to explain it to me… but I never got the idea…

The understanding came later when I was almost 30 years old and I met this man… an intriguing, absolutely fascinating man who taught me few things about the… “fishing” art. By then, he told me a theory which seemed a bit too basic for me, but very interesting in the same time. The idea was that it depends if you are hungry. If so, you prepare the fish for a kill. If not, you say Hi! and put it back into the water. I thought many times about what he said to me then. Especially because the theory seemed to be the same my father was using when fishing. If it had been a big fish, he would have definitely taken it home and prepare it for gastronomy reasons. If it had been a small one, he would have smiled and said “Nieeehhh…” and let it back into the water…

fishing boySo… in order to understand better this philosophy and in the name of research, these last three days I went “fishing”. I didn’t choose a river, not even a lake… it was more like a drop in the ocean put in an aquarium, but it was a magnificent spot for fishing.

The funny thing? The “strong” gender representatives would have bet that I am the fish and they were the fishermen when in fact the reality was just the opposite.

The first evening was for finding the spot. The best spot for fishing. The second one for listening and watching. The third one for catching the fish.

I found a good spot on the “shore” and well prepared, I took out my “tools” and started to watch… listen, wait and watch…  It was just a small drop of water, but with all sorts of fishes. Clear beautiful water that seemed to have something magical in it due to the dawn and then the dark of the night. The lights of the city would have reflected in it dancing shadows and made you want to just wade deep inside, so you could cool down the temperature of your body.

Fishes of all colors and dimensions… big, small, faster, slower, swimming in tanks or alone. Sharks toofish tank… oh, I definitely saw sharks too! Extremely good looking sharks, going in circles, left and right, getting almost nuts because of a human being smell around. My smell!

I’ve seen dolphins too. Peaceful, but full of joy dolphins, making different moves, jumping all around, just to get my attention, to entertain and make me smile. At some point a green, smelly, dizzy frog caught itself by mistake in my rod. With its big, ugly eyes, it almost begged me not to “kill” it or something, so I smiled at it and let it go back into the water. I didn’t kiss it, hoping to turn itself into a prince charming. I don’t believe in this kind of stories.

I was fascinated by the diversity, the mystery hidden deep down this drop of water. And tempted! Oh, I was so tempted… to touch, to smell, to eat! By the end of the day number three, I’ve found myself extremely hungry… still, something was missing and I couldn’t tell what exactly… even if I could have grabbed any time one of those fishes and just calm down my basic instincts in order to survive to that extremely warm night, something was missing…

“Excuse me, do you know by any chance at what time the lights will be on?”

I looked at my fishing rod… a fish! A beautiful fish which was breaking unexpectedly my moment of silence. Big brown eyes, with nice, soft, dark brown scales, with a beautiful, athletic body indicating that it was a very good swimmer, and lips… oh! those lips… could have turned any woman’s wild imagination on…

I looked at my catch, then at the building he was talking about, then to the dark, but clear sky and then again into his eyes…

“Nieeehhh….” I said and I found myself smiling in a way I didn’t do it for quite a long time. What a wonderful feeling! A break through moment! The same kind of moment I bet it made my father always to smile.

“Sorry?!” he said looking at me a bit naughty, pretending he didn’t get the idea.

Still smiling at him I said “No, I don’t know which is the time the lights will be on!”. He smiled back at me and he left. Even hungry, I let the fish to go back into the water. I didn’t prepare it for a “kill”. I just let it go… after all, at the end of the day I am a lioness! Not a fisherman!

I want! I spy! I chase and hunt! Meat! Real meat! I don’t do fishing! Plus, fishes are cold blooded. It doesn’t count!

But for sure I had fun, Stranger! I surely did have a lot of fun! 🙂