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“So? Amaze me! Did you find what you needed to find? Did this… trip of yours have any result? Don’t you think that it is finally time to come home?”

The girl left the hand holding the phone down and for few seconds she felt the need to close her big brown eyes… she took a deep breath, she put the palm of the other hand on her mouth as if she wanted to prevent herself from saying something she would have regretted later and she stood like this few seconds, waiting for that impulse to go away. How hard it was! How how hard it was not to hang up the phone and just send him in the same place together with all the others who said the same thing to her before.

“Hello?! Are you still there or am I talking by myself here?”

blue skyIt was nice to hear his voice, but so painful also. She sighed, looked up at the blue, clear, summer sky, she hesitated for one more second and with tears in her eyes she said:

“I am! I am still HERE! And I intend to stay here. And I would like you to… (“back the hell off!!!”- voice in her head!) stop worring for me. I am fine! I am not coming back! Not yet! I have no idea when I am coming back or if I’m ever going to do so. But you are free to come to see me though. It is not hard to…”

“Ahh… you know!! It’s a hard for us to do that!” he replied fast, short like a sharp knife without even giving her the chance to finish her sentence.

The girl started to nod her head. At the beginning she had a sorrow, sad smile on her face, like she would have expected his answer. Then she started to laugh. A strange laugh that made the voice on the other end first to get silent and then to say:

“Are you ok? Have you been drinking or something?”

Hearing this question the girl started to laugh even louder. She stopped after few seconds, she sighed again and she said:

“I’m sorry… but that was a good one. Right! Ahmmm… ok…  listen! I love him! And I need NOW to be closer to him than to you. And if for that I have to travel the entire world and take it up side down, I’ll do that. And you can’t stop me! You or anybody else!”

“Aren’t you tired of this story? He is trouble! And you deserve better!Start fresh! Life is passing by you! You’ll get old! Make a change while you still can!” his voice sounded harsh, firm and serious, so she had to stop breathing for few seconds before she accepted the reality check challenge he was forcing her to do.

The girl looked at her reflection in the dirty window of that phone booth, touched with her fingers the soft wrinkles around her eyes, she smiled remembering the story behind and in the end she said:

the old lovers“Young lovers seek perfection. Old lovers learn the art of sewing shreds together. And of seeing beauty in a multiplicity of patches. (How to make an American Quilt).”

She let the new moment of silence to say Goodbye! to her “companion” in her behalf and she hung up few seconds later.

The sky was still blue!