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I like to write. It comes naturally.

Small talks have never been my strength and this is why my social life is not necessarily a very rich one. Actually, I have only few people around me, who are really THERE for and with me, but with all of them I have a special connection that enlightens and enriches my soul, my mind, my body, my life.

So, if I feel something for or about you, I’ll definitely write to you. Further more, if you are a man, and you’ve got to inspire me at that level, that means I value very much the… whatever thing is between us: friendship, courtship, relationship. And when inspired, I usually write a lot.

cage timeOn the other hand, cage time by definition it is that time when someone decides to take a deep breath and reflect upon him/herself, upon a certain situation, his/her body issues, to meditate, find interior peace etc.

But while I’ve learned that for men who are in a relationship, a couple of days are normal to back off, recharge their batteries and come back to the partner with more love and patience, I can definitely say that it doesn’t apply to me when it comes to the man I have feelings for. If I back off for more than one day, beside of an emergency case or a natural disaster which could prevent me to contact you, you should take it as a bad sign. Definitely!

Either you really pissed me off/hurt me and I take that cage time (it could be couple of days, weeks, few months or even years!) in order to get back my balance and try to understand what just happened, either I start to feel that the relationship is slowly dying or is too toxic and by taking some time off, I’d check if I still miss you and/or if you even noticed that I am no longer there anymore, either I simply have no romantic interest in you and in that case most probably my pulse has being accelerated by someone else and I am not coming back to you anymore.

No matter how you’d take it, if I go in my cage, it can’t be good!
This is why, in my opinion, communication is truly one of the keys of a successful relationship and while a bit of time off is also necessary to make it work, words have been given to be either spoken, either written.

So… let’s “talk” I’d say and maybe more we practice it, more we’d open our soul with no fears, ego or other barriers, better and easier our lives would be.