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“It’s not like you switch it off for good… you just need to do it until you get off the plane, that’s it!”

The girl with big brown eyes looked at the man right next to her… she heard him, but she felt as if she just heard the alarm of a clock in a lazy morning and got pissed because she was having a beautiful dream… she would have punched the guy’s face. Instead, she smiled at him…

“Right… you are totally right!”

She looked one more time at her mobile phone…


She got then a weird feeling… same feeling she had in the presence of that Stranger… like she was about to disconnect herself from reality, but connect to his world. Another world. A different kind of world… the one underneath his clothes…

She looked shortly by the window and her big brown eyes have been taken by surprise by the sunset. Something magical was about it… something hidden… something that she didn’t see or feel before.

She could have already felt that things were about to go in a different direction and that this departure was about to bring the change along with it. A major change. Maybe the biggest change of all.

“Good or bad?” she didn’t really finish her thought when a young lady, with green eyes, blonde hair very well tight in a pony tail, and red lips said:

“I’m sorry, but I’m gonna ask you to switch off your phone!”

“Oh yes… of course…” the girl said and switched her phone off with an automatic gesture. A black, cold, scratched screen seemed to suddenly say Hi! to her.

“I told ya!” the man right next to her said with a big smile on his face as if he just won a contest. “By the way, my name is…”

She didn’t hear his name… she let him do his speech, looked at his lips moving, but didn’t hear a thing.

Instead, she start looking with her third eye inside of her mind, digging for some sort of new information that could have brought the answer to her question… over and over again she started to roll the thoughts in her head and to think.

“Disconnected! I was supposed to be completely disconnected! Invisible!” she said to herself, but still looking at the man who was keep talking about something…

“Weird guy… awful haircut… empty eyes… cold lips… strange perfume… ugly nails…” Right after that thought she smiled to him, then she turned her face to the window, and started to listen to some music:

“Why don’t I feel so? Why?”