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To whom it might concern

Dear Males- representatives of the so called “stronger gender”…

I am writing this letter to you hoping that some of you will be smart enough to open your eyes, really wide, see yourselves and make a decision.

A “to be or not to be” kind of decision! The others? Well, what can I say? God help you all!

I am amazed… we are in… what? 21 century? Terms like energy, karma, power of love, enlightenment and so on are everywhere and everybody can have access to a form or another of information now…

But you are still acting like savages.

It doesn’t matter how much you’ve learned during your life or how much you’ve said and thought you’ve loved a woman… “nothing else matters” in the moment she- the female or so called “weak gender”, decides and informs you that the whatever thing is between you two- friendship, relationship, marriage, it doesn’t seem to work, so it is better to just split your ways, at least for a while, to clear your heads, souls and try to choose the best way for the two of you in life.

Love and respect. It is supposed that you love that woman. And it is supposed that you also respect her. So… let her go… don’t try to smash her, just because
she is not choosing you in that moment… don’t try all the sneaky ways to destroy her image, her self respect and bring psychological damages to her just because
she said NO.

Who the hell cares why she does that? Maybe she is a slut… exactly as you are tempted to say right in that very moment of your split…  but in this case she did you a favor… didn’t she? She just saved your life maybe… she gave you a great opportunity to live your life and find another woman… more fit for you.

Or maybe she is indeed crazy and she doesn’t see how wonderful you are… again she did you a favor.

Or… maybe she started to feel for another man… a gap between you two has been created in time and while you were lost in your computer or looking at football instead of her, you just ignored the signs she desperately waved in front of your closed eyes…

Or maybe she is just a bitch… again… by leaving, she did a big favor to you.

open eyesSo you see… it doesn’t matter how is she, how bad she is… in the end, you’ve chosen her… assume at least this responsibility when the end comes and stop… stop thinking and just feel for a moment… stop being mean, swallow your revenge thoughts and be indeed the “stronger gender”…

Spread love, not hate… spread kindness, not cruelty… spread peace, not war… forget about your wounded ego (cause this is the one which makes you act like savages!) and walk away… if there is true love between you two, don’t worry! Love has its own way to bring you back together anyway… like water… no matter how much someone will try to change its way using his mind, love will find its own way in people’s soul to bring them HOME…

And if indeed you are wonderful, but she didn’t see that yet, start asking yourselves: are you sure you did everything so she can see that?

If so, how come in the last moment you just want to smash and bring her down? Maybe she felt you might be this kind of man and then nice dinners and nice words mean absolutely nothing for her… she already knows!

Open your eyes, dear males and start to feel… before thinking, before doing anything else… once and for all! Start feeling with all risks included!

Be “stronger” than us and show us the way! The way HOME… because, believe it or not, we don’t really want to be stronger than you… we just don’t!