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“I am not a professional swimmer… not at all! In fact, the safest place I’d risk to do some swimming would be a maximum 100 cm deep water. In a deeper one, I’d not take the risk to dive in. For the simple reason that I fear… not of the death itself, but of the way death might occur in this case. Awful!”

She looked at him and smiled seeing his blue curious eyes totally confused hearing her statement.

“I don’t understand! What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked her being almost afraid to hear her answer, but brave enough to listen to it.

“You should not try to understand! It’s not something that I plan to happen or that I can control… and you know me, I’m a freak control! But this time, I choose to let myself go with the flow! Because I feel it’s right to do so! That’s it!”

“What was I then to you?” he looked her straight into her big brown eyes, calm, but obviously trying hard to hide his wounded ego.

“A 110 cm water! I enjoyed to get my feet wet in… it was fun, it was safe, it was nice… but I won’t take the risk to go further… deeper! We’d both get drown. And that’s a certainty!”



“Well… I think you just like to be treated bad!” he said and turned his back on her.

She felt how his calm tone was about to change in an angry one and this time she wasn’t in the mood to take another fight with him, so she added:

“Listen! Thank you for the ride! Really! It was an unexpected surprise to find you in the middle of nowhere. You’re my HERO! And I guess I am a lucky “bitch”…  am I not?” she said touching with her fingers, softly, his right shoulder, trying to turn him with his face back to her. When he turned back, she greeted him with a big smile, as if she just saw an old, but very dear friend.

In that moment, he couldn’t help it, so he smiled back at her, rolled his almost wet blue eyes and looked for a second in his right side, then up to the sky, took a deep breath and he said: “You’re welcome!”

Few embarrassing seconds… few moments of silence! She looked then at the departure terminal of that old, but still functional airport and then back at him.

“I gotta go!” she said, waiting for him to say something back. But he said nothing. He was just staring at her, knowing that this was it: he was going to lose her, he was going to let her go, not because he wanted, but because SHE WANTED that.

“Come here you… “bitch”!” he said smiling to her and gave her the warmest hug of their entire friendship. “I’ll miss you!”

“I know! Thank you for everything! Thank you for the life-ride we had! And now go! Freedom is waiting for you! Take care of yourself!” she said smiling, took her backpack from the back seat of his motorbike, looked one more time at him and then she left.

He watched her till she got lost between the crowd from the airport, then he started the engine of his motorbike, he nodded and whispered: “Mystery, weird, complicated woman!”