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There are boats which during a life time will go against the current… on the way up, some of them will go down, some of them will give up to the journey and go back to the seaport, but at least one of them will reach its destination.

It’s useless to try to follow it. You won’t be able. You’ll get tired eventually. Frustrated and tired. Trying to stop it, again it’s useless. It will bring you down and throw you where you belong: in the angry sea of those souls who fear to live their dreams, but try to punish others for doing it.

With this boat the choice is simple: either you are in, either you are out.

against the current

Trying to find a reason why it has chosen this kind of tough, dangerous journey is just a waste of time and energy for both sides. Because! That’s the answer.

I am this kind of boat and love is my up-flow.

Like all of us, I am a traveler through life, but it’s not necessary the journey that fascinates me like it does with others. I like it, I taste its daily pleasures, I endure with patience its painful storms, ups and downs, but I don’t get lost in details on the way.

I don’t believe in money and its fake power upon someone’s true, pure soul.

I don’t believe a human being could BE mean… not really… we haven’t been born to be mean. But I’ve seen sick souls with sick minds capable of anything in the fake name of love, especially the one for their family.

I’ve learnt that fear and instinct for survival by all means could determine a human being to act cruel, to hurt another human being in the most despicable way, to forget about his/her values like self respect, dignity, truth, compassion, tenderness, kindness, and love.

But with all that, and with all the wounds and scars I’ve got on the way, I still believe in LOVE and its power, its force to bring us HOME. I know with all my mind, body, and soul that love is the way… the only way!