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the night vienna

“Oh sweetheart, I’m not sure… I’m really not sure when it will be light again. But I know this: the NIGHT is still young! So close your eyes and keep on dreaming!”

Yes, Stranger! She keeps asking me since it began…

“When? When? When?”… she wakes up anxious in the middle of the night, she looks at her right side, at the big clock hanged on that white wall, and with this childish, smiling, big brown eyes she looks at me as if I’d have the power to change the speed of time, as if I can bring her closer, closer to the light, to the SUNlight…

“Time doesn’t even exist, my dear!”. This is what I’m tempted to tell her each time she does that.  I’m tempted to tell her what other masters said to me once, that “The only time is NOW. There is no past, there is not future. It’s just this moment. The present one!”

But I never tell her this… there is no use… she KNOWS… her beautiful, pure, sincere soul knows… it knows and this why she is acting like a child who knows that when the morning will come, he will start living the biggest adventure of his life.

She doesn’t want to close her eyes anymore, she doesn’t want to dream anymore, she doesn’t want to spend even a second in the present anymore… mind’s present. But she is creating the FUTURE 

“The soul’s present is the future of the mind!” she says to me, smiling naughty as if she knows what I am thinking of and she gets off the bed to look by the WINDOW. Then she starts. Right there! Right in front of my eyes, behind the orange curtains, with her small, soft hands, she starts building the future. A future full of light, warmth, love and energy.

Energy that comes from inside and it reflects outside.

“Sharpen your heart, and shine bright like the SUN! Shut your mind and let the future BE! Then move your body and tell me how it FEELS!”, she says again to me and… I smile! She KNOWS better…