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This is how- in my view- it should sound today the answer to the classic question “Will you marry me?”. It’s no longer a secret that people marry today (if they decide to do that!) from all sort of reasons, except love and this is one of them: to spread their seeds. Of course, that would involve some feelings from partners’ side, but love is not really mandatory. In fact, looking back in the history of different civilizations, I’d say that it has never been like that.

And when I say love, I am not talking about couples being in love or being able to “make it through life together” thanks to their abilities to manage, control and apply different strategies to actually be able to live together, even if sometimes they are nothing else but two strangers staying in the same house for one reason only: the seed they planted years ago, when they were younger.

beaconI am talking about real LOVE, that force that goes beyond time and space, that is stronger than gravity. That force that creates, brings and maintains life on this planet with the actual scope of enlightening it like a lighthouse in the night. Of warming and healing it of the old, deep wounds created by previous generations with their lack of love, tenderness, care, faith, hope, and will to make a change in this chain of life.

Despite of the large amount of information we have access to today, despite of having thousands of reasons of using the emotional intelligence that we’ve got for better purposes than just becoming perfect motivational speakers, we keep continuing living in the dark. We keep continuing shutting us down. One by one. Like in a slow motion tragic movie where the lights of a beautiful house are switched off till nothing has been left. The house of our souls.

Because now than ever we are afraid to open our HEARTS. We are afraid to let us BE. We are afraid to FEEL. We are afraid to even imagine that it could be DIFFERENT, exactly as they say in those speeches we hear or see all the time around us, but which have the same effect as a matchstick whose flame extinguishes if not used with the actual scope of making a fire. We seem to come and go on this planet just for spreading seeds. Unhealthy, damaged seeds from the start because of lack of love.

spreading seedsWanted or not, most of us, we do nothing else than spreading seeds which, after few years they broke through, they become a debt in front of life, a duty people feel they have till they close their eyes (in “happy” cases), or until the young offspring leaves his parents’ house. How fragile we are!