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We all had them… at least once in a life time… those moments when after a finished love story we just wanted to enjoy the moment and be… bad.  To do those kind of things with the opposite sex that usually, on regular basis you won’t or you should not do it. Contact a guy after his first… whatever he said to make you pay attention to him when you were lost in your thoughts, hunt him when in fact he should hunt you, start with wild sex when you should start with a romantic dinner and a nice conversation in which you both pretend you are interested to know more about the other one.

But damn!! Who cares about nice conversations and trying to get to know the new guy you’ve just hunted when in fact all you want is just to forget? To take away the pain that is burning you deep inside because of another guy who just broke your heart? Who cares about nice outfits used in order to be as attractive as possible for the new guy? Who cares about the way you look like in the eyes of the new guy because of giving your body to him so easily?

As intelligent, deep and with common sense they’d usually be, I am sure that all women wanted at some point just to be… bad! Some were, but only in their dreams, some in their real life.

How does it go in real life? Well… basically you go out there in the jungle and pick one… if you do this for the first time, unfortunately you have big chances to be tempted to actually choose a nice guy who will never forgive you for using his body for your own selfish reasons… and then you feel bad cause you’ve probably marked his life forever… on the other side you think that at some energetic level you’ve just attracted each other with your thoughts: he desperately wanted to have sex for quite some time and you… well… you needed a rebound so you could start your healing process, so you’d be able to move on and keep looking for your “soul” mate.

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But if it is not the first time you do that, in order not to repeat the previous mistake, you’d choose what they call… a real hunter, a Don Juan, a Casanova, a player… a guy who is well known for his games, for being an emotional unavailable guy and for that reason you’d believe that having sex with you would make no difference in his apparently happy and not complicated life… so you go for it! Best rebound ever: wild, intense, passionate, with an unbelievable body and mind chemistry, but in the end just a rebound. And you both know that. Or at least you believe you know that.

So, when it’s done, you smile to each other, give a weird hug, say “Goodbye!” and then you go home, being ready to move on with your life… but then flashes about what happened between you two follow both of you like ghosts days, months and even years later, making your life a living hell and actually impossible to live.  Still, there is no way to come back, and apparently no way to go further. An entire fight mind, body and soul takes place and you pass through the hardest “rebound” time ever, feeling caught in a trap… exhausted, in the end, with a freak smile you wonder WHY? What’s the point of all these? It was supposed to be a RE-BOUND… then why do you feel so disconnected all of the sudden?

Well… stop wondering, stop fighting, and stop asking for answers! Stop torturing yourself! But relax, smile and be happy… because the reason is: YOU!