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betweenStay there! Between flowers… dance with them, smell them, touch them, lose yourself between them… feel their sweet bitter taste, drink their dew from their leaves and feed yourself with the honey hidden inside of their petals … touch softly their stems and stay there… stay as long as you need… right there… with them and between them…

And take a look at them! No,no! Don’t just watch them… take a close look at them… you’ll see… they are not ALL the same… Oh no! They are all beautiful, different and special in one way or another: colors, smell, height, number of days on this planet and cycle of life… some blossom in spring, some in summer, some start to die in autumn, but none of them will survive through winter…

And while you stay there, don’t forget to go and water that piece of brown ground where you’ve planted that last seed… the one taken from your soul and put it there, deep down in the brown ground… nothing will come out for a while from that place… nothing… just green wild grass in spring which will cover and protect your seed of the burning sun in summer and muddy rains in autumn… and all you’ll see there the entire winter will be just a white blanket. But don’t despair! And wait! Please wait! Don’t leave and don’t fall! Even if you are going to be tempted… but don’t do it, Stranger!

bamboo treeBecause it needs water, patience, love and time so it can break through the ground… but most of all it needs FAITH… faith that it will break through… but once it will break through, in the following year it will grow fast… right under your eyes… right there… with and right next to you… and when you’ll see it growing so tall, healthy, strong and beautiful, you will know then that all your work it was worth it: you’ve planted there a seed, ruptured from your soul, and it came out a tree… the tree of life