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It takes a strong mind to do that… a strong body too, but basically it takes a strong mind. It takes nights, days, years of reflecting upon the process so you can recognize the next steps… it takes experience to be able to deal with… it takes patience and determination… to want NOT TO… to choose NOT TO… even if you could do it… even if you’re allowed to… even if there is no reason to avoid it… even if your body- being “hungry” for ages- seems to beg you to go further, to do it, to let yourself be, to get in the line with the other human beings…

It takes courage to expose yourself to temptations… especially the wild ones… to go through it… to feel the fresh smell of the other hungry bodies and still not to feed yourself… it takes love and respect for someone else, but most of all it takes love and respect for yourself. It takes understanding of the complex conflict between mind, soul and body… it takes will… it takes energy… it takes sometimes a lifetime to reach that point…

Because it will divide you… because it will take you on the edge of sanity… because you will feel the fire burning you deep down your bones… because you’ll feel the pain in every cell of your body… because you will struggle like a fish on the shore and the only thing you’ll want will be just to wade yourself in the beautiful blue water… because you will feel that you can’t take it anymore… you gotta have it… you gotta do it… right then, right in that place, right in that way… a crazy way, but it doesn’t matter… you gotta do it! You just have to!

But once you learn how to stay on the edge of passion despite of the feeling of getting dizzy or falling, you’ll be rewarded with a wonderful, magical view upon the land of your soul… you’ll feel like a newborn baby, tired of the journey done to come out, and apparently fragile, but strong and healthy inside… the sun and the fresh air will bring peace in your exhausted mind, body and soul and all you’ll feel will be gratitude to the Universe that you’ve just survived to the biggest battle of your life: the one against your basic instinct… you’ll know then that LOVE won!