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“We might be through with the past, but the past ain’t through with us”- Magnolia (1999)

“Oh com’on!! Com’on!! This ain’t happening! Not today… not here… not like this!!” she nodded, looking with a desperate smile around in order to at least get the picture where she was… then she tried to start the engine again, but it was useless… the car ran out of gas…

“Great! Juuuuuuuuusssst perfect!” she said out loud, but for some reason she didn’t feel sorry this was happening… a dusty road like in the desert, but it was in fact just a road, somewhere lost between the mountains… it was a warm, sunny spring day. Even no birds were singing, the fresh air made her to step out of the car so she could take a deep breathe. She took few steps around and felt like stretching her body.

“I drove too much… at some point I’d have had to stop anyway. The Universe knows better” she whispered and closed her eyes, letting the sun to cuddle the curves of her small body… silence, fresh, but warm air. Indeed the moment was perfect in its imperfection.


“The Universe knows what better?”

The girl opened her big brown eyes, trying to see who broke her short moment of peace and silence. Her heart started all of the sudden to beat faster. She felt how the blood pumped by it went straight into her head, creating for few seconds the feeling of panic…

“A male voice!” she said to herself while she was looking around a bit nervous. She looked in the left side… nothing…  in front of her… nothing… behind… again nothing…


The voice was coming somewhere from the right side of the car, so the girl took few steps around it to check who was there.

“Thinking out loud?” the young man said again, but this time she could also see him. He was smiling at her, so she suddenly relaxed.

“You!! Oh my God! Isn’t this a coincidence or what?” the girl said with a surprised voice, letting her entire body language to speak in the behalf of the joy she felt seeing him.

“It’s been a while since…”

“Oh yeah, it’s been a while… since you got angry on me and completely kicked me out of your life… 7 months more exactly” the young man replied fast, not letting her to  finish her thought.

spring tree“But it’s always a pleasure to see you again…” His blue eyes were smiling, saying that indeed he was happy to see her. He was lying down at the shadow of the only tree on that road, right next to his motorcycle, probably taking a nap when she arrived and disturbed him with the sound of her thoughts…

The girl looked into his eyes and for few seconds she was surprised that despite the way it was ended, and despite the time, his way of looking at her didn’t change…

“Likewise” she said smiling back at him. He stood up, came closer to her, looked at her, her shoulders and then he hugged her. She sighed. It was good to see him. Unexpectedly good. She was tired. She realized only then, right in that hug how tired she got during the journey.

“I’ve run out of gas!” she broke the moment of silence as if letting things like that for too long, would have meant something more than it should have, so she pulled her body back, looking at her car.

“I’ve noticed that! Well… you know how they say… nothing happens without a reason, so… come with me!” The girl looked into his blue smiling eyes feeling that this statement meant more than it actually sounded… “I mean… you could take some stuff from the car and come with me. I could give you a ride… I’m heading west”

thinking out loud

She looked at him, at her dusty car again, at the long way ahead, then at the blue spring sky: “Hmmm… I could do that… couldn’t I?” she said lost in her thoughts not knowing what to do exactly… in the end, she said more like for herself than to him: “I’ve run out of gas, I’m tired, I’m in the middle of nowhere, the food supplies will end up soon, so I should do that…Yes, I think I should do that…”